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Spiritual Counseling

It is estimated that 70% of suffering and pain at the end of life is not physical, but emotional and spiritual.  When left untreated, spiritual pain can be the main contributor to an un-peaceful and painful death.   If you have lost purpose, relationships, or hope in your life, or if you have struggled with issues of forgiveness, then you have experienced spiritual pain.

The importance of spiritual care differs from person to person. Some people may find peace in the rituals and traditions of organized religion, and others may need to evaluate the meaning of their life and relationships or to come to terms with unresolved issues. All hospices provide spiritual care / counseling as part of their service, often through the support of a Hospice Chaplain.

At Heart ‘n Home, our team of Spiritual Care Providers are clinically trained and nationally certified.  What we do and mean by Spiritual Care is different from most organizations. We are innovative and utilize a focus on addressing overall spiritual health to provide peace and comfort. We will not attempt to change, save, or fix you, but instead assist you in healing emotionally and spiritually.  This is a life-changing experience for the dying person AS WELL AS the surviving family.

The foundation of Heart ‘n Home Spiritual Care is helping people find healing through their own individual wounds. Heart 'n Home offers non-denominational spiritual care visits to all patients and families through Spiritual Care Providers. This support offers an opportunity to celebrate one's faith, develop a deeper awareness of spiritual strength, and discover possibility for growth and healing at the end of life. Our ultimate goal is enabling patients and/or families to move toward peace as well as providing space to cope with feelings of guilt, anger, frustration, and sadness.

Spiritual Care Providers can assist with:
  • Education on spiritual pain and suffering
  • Questions about the term “spirituality”
  • Information on spiritual, religions, or congregational rituals
  • Exploring meaning in life
  • Contacting your local spiritual leader
  • Help in locating or re-connecting with a former faith belief
  • Assistance in accomplishing unfinished spiritual matters
  • Questions about reconciliation between God or other bringer of peace
  • Provide spiritual therapy to help manage spiritual pain
  • Simply needing someone to listen
  • Prayer and meditation
“I am a friend to your soul, and I’m here to help you die healed.”

- Garrett P., Spiritual Care Provider

Spiritual Care Providers Heart n Home
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“I just want to thank you all for your love, care, and wonderful counseling you gave to those of us in need.  I remember fondly how your staff ministered  to me after my husband passed away.  May God richly bless you all for your great ministry to others.”

~ Jo H., Spouse

When curing is no longer an option, healing is still possible.