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Hospice Medical Equipment and Supplies

Heart 'n Home provides all medical equipment related to the hospice diagnosis. This may include a hospital bed, wheelchair, oxygen, etc. as needed to provide safe, comfortable care in the patient’s home. Additionally, medical supplies such as bandages, catheters, incontinence supplies, etc. are provided as part of the Medicare Hospice Benefit and as related to patient's hospice care. Heart ‘n Home utilizes local Medical Equipment providers to supply all equipment and provide education. Patients and/or their caregivers are responsible to follow the instructions of the Durable Medical Equipment provider.

Hospice Medical Equipment and Supplies

Medical equipment and supplies include,
but are not limited to:

  • Hospital Bed
  • Overbed Table
  • Bedside Commode
  • Wheelchair
  • Oxygen
  • Catheters
  • Oral Swabs
  • Pull-Ups/Briefs
  • Bandages
“[Heart ‘n Home] employees and volunteers go out of their way to provide the best care that they can to their patients and the patient’s families. We often receive calls or a visit from a Heart ‘n Home staff member to discuss various situations that don’t fit into the ‘standard needs’ that we would expect.  Being in a fairly rural area, the needs, just due to logistics and lifestyle are different. We find opportunities to work outside the box to find solutions that enable our patients to continue to do the things that they want or need to do.”

 –Anne, Norco Medical