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What to Expect From Your Hospice Nurse

Heart ‘n Home understands that when you choose hospice, you wish to remain at home and avoid numerous trips to the doctor’s office or emergency room. That is why we bring healthcare services to you, wherever you live. We know that the management of your disease takes a team effort and our Nurses play a key role.

When you start hospice, you can expect regularly scheduled visits by Nurses who love what they do. With the Nurse’s suggestions, you can choose how often you would like those visits. During these appointments, the Nurses will effectively anticipate, manage, and control your symptoms in your own home. They will work closely with your physician and follow their direct orders to ensure prompt action is taken for all of your needs.

Our Nurses are experts in hospice care. Just as physicians and midwives lend support during childbirth, Hospice Nurses provide their presence and specialized knowledge during the end-of-life process. They will guide you and your family and provide the information needed to help understand, cope, and provide care. Your family will be empowered to care for you.

“I can’t say enough good things about your staff.
They have taught me how to care for my sister
when it was something I didn’t think I could do.”
-Patient’s Sister

“I am beyond grateful for our nurse, she truly is
one of the most caring and compassionate persons
I have ever met. She cared for my mom as if it was
her own mother. She respected my mom and gave
her the control back that had been taken away
from such a fast, aggressive form of cancer. “
-Patient’s Daughter

Making sure you are comfortable is a top priority for our Nurses. They will take care of your medications, equipment, and your symptoms so that you have more quality time to share with those you love. Your wishes and desires will be listened to and carried out. With you in the driver’s seat, your Nurse will help guide your course.

If you or a loved one has a life-limiting illness and you want to learn more about hospice services, visit our website. We can come to you and offer education and resources.

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