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Volunteers of the Quarter – Emmett’s Comfort Choir

It was an easy choice to pick our Volunteer of the Quarter this fall.  Volunteers, we should say.  We chose to highlight the wonderful Comfort Choir in our Emmett office. The Comfort Choir, which consists of 9 amazing individuals, visit a different Emmett facility every week spreading their talents to many of our patients. The comfort choir Volunteers are Sandra Alley, Vivian Gilbert, Sherry Gordon, Cyndi Hochstetler, Phyllis & Steve Moore, Eve Raezer, and Alan & Cindy Shaber.  Some of the choir Volunteers have been Heart ‘n Home Volunteers since 2011 and continue to give their time week after week.

In the past two years, the comfort choir has volunteered over 1,500 hours! That’s 1,500 hours of practicing, singing, and brightening the lives of our patients through music.

Time and time again I hear from patients how much they enjoy listening to the music. Many times, patients who are no longer able to communicate will hear a song from their past and be able to join in and reminisce. It is moments like that which show just how important our Volunteers are to our patients and it shows the huge impact they make every day.

Thank you to the Comfort Choir! You brighten so many lives in Emmett and we are eternally grateful for the work you have done and continue to do!


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