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Volunteering – Enriching the Lives of Others and My Own

Each of us lives busy lives, hurrying from one activity to the next, and we often have to stop and refocus on what is most important in our lives. Sometimes what is most needed in our lives, is moving our focus from doing whatever we want to, to seeing what we can do for others. By doing so, something magical happens — our service to others ends up blessing our own lives just as much as theirs. Suddenly, this opportunity turns into a life-changing experience.

We have amazing Volunteers at Heart ‘n Home who take time out of their lives to help others. These Volunteers make a difference in our communities and in return they gain a new perspective on life. Here’s what some of our Volunteers have to say about why they Volunteer and what they have learned from this experience.

I volunteer, “To let God work through me to touch lives.”

“This has been an eye-opening experience and I wish everyone had the privilege of learning from these amazing people I get to visit.”

“Throughout my time as a Volunteer, I have found that hospice is about caring for patients and making sure they live until they die.”

I volunteer, “To reassure our patients that they are not alone, that they’re valuable, and that it’s okay to die.”

“Every patient has touched me in a unique way, and I will always remember them.”

I volunteer, “To help make others’ lives happier and to see them smile.”

If you would like more information on Volunteering you can check out or Volunteer page on our website. Follow this link to learn more.

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