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Hospice Volunteer Training

If you want to add value to someone’s life, simply by being present, you should attend a Heart ‘n Home Volunteer Training. At Heart ‘n Home we LOVE our Volunteers! We utilize and value our specially trained, caring Volunteers that are capable of assisting the people we serve. We would be unable to meet all of the needs of our patients, families, and community without the skillful hearts and hands of our Volunteers. Heart ‘n Home Volunteer Training is a one day, on-site event that includes eight hours of education and information as specified by the Medicare Hospice Conditions of Participation and best practices from the National Hospice & Palliative Care. Each section of Heart ‘n Home Volunteer Training is taught by an expert in that area and includes Heart ‘n Home Nurses, Social Workers, Spiritual Care Provider (Chaplains), and Volunteer Coordinators.
All Volunteers are required to attend the Introduction to Volunteer Services and Communication sections of the Heart ‘n Home Volunteer Training. Individuals that plan to volunteer with patients and families must complete the entire 8 hours of training. If you are interested in being a Volunteer, but are unable to attend an on-site training, contact your local office to make special arrangements for web-based education.

Bereavement Volunteer Training

(5 Hours)
The Bereavement Volunteer training is conducted by Heart ‘n Home Social Workers for Volunteers who developed a connection with a family they were volunteering for and would like to continue their support after the patient has passed away. It is also for individuals who have a gift to talking with people and are comfortable dealing with grief. The Bereavement Volunteer Training teaches the signs and processes of grief as well as assists in preparation for difficult conversations that may occur when discussing grief. Bereavement Volunteers may make home visits or phone contact with families and work hand in hand with Bereavement Counselors to ensure the family’s needs are met.

11th Hour Volunteer Training

(4 Hours)
The 11th Hour Volunteer Training is taught by a Heart ‘n Home Nurse with a wealth of experience sitting at the bedside of hospice patients. The Volunteer will learn about the stages at end-of-life, including emotional, physical, and spiritual changes that often occur. In depth scenarios and stories are shared by the Nurse to prepare attendees and increase comfort with situations encountered at the bedside. Additional education is also provided to offer simple, direct comfort care strategies, ways to create a sensitive environment, and methods of self care for those offering support in bedside situations. Heart ‘n Home 11th Hour Volunteers are critical in providing support to patients and families at end-of-life and in helping to carry out the Heart ‘n Home philosophy that no one should die alone.

Contact us today at 1-800-HOSPICE (800-467-7423) for information on upcoming trainings or with questions about volunteer opportunities. We look forward to sharing this experience with you!

Reasons for Volunteering

Volunteering can be an extremely rewarding experience. There are hundreds of different reasons why people decide to donate their time; just a few are listed below:
  • To help others.
  • To utilize special knowledge and/or skills.
  • For a sense of security that results from feeling one’s life has purpose, meaning, and significance.
  • To be a part of activities that have neighborhood, community, regional, or national significance.
  • For recognition and status.
  • To feel useful and needed.
  • Opportunities to learn new skills and participate in enjoyable and rewarding activities.
  • To gain visibility and skills that will help advancement in employment and social arenas.
  • To actively utilize leisure time and reduce loneliness, isolation, and pressure.