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Volunteer Opportunities

There are numerous simple, yet powerful ways Heart ‘n Home Volunteers make a significant difference as they provide emotional, spiritual, and physical support to hospice patients and families. Every hospice volunteer experience is as individual as the person donating their time. The following options are the types of volunteer positions available at Heart ‘n Home:

Patient/Family Support

Volunteer directly with patient and caregivers in their place of residence. These special volunteers provide emotional, spiritual, and physical support to patients and families; provide respite for caregiver to get out of the home; help patients write a life review; play games; help with shopping; meal preparation; or give assistance with light housekeeping. Direct Patient Care Volunteers can also provide transportation, deliver medications, and can offer specialized skills as needed.

Office Volunteer

Heart ‘n Home values and appreciates individuals who have skills and abilities that can be utilized in an office setting. Whether it’s answering phones, filing, typing or even cleaning the office; your help is appreciated!

Youth Volunteer

Heart ‘n Home welcomes Volunteers of all ages! There are many contributions that individuals under the age of 18 can do to have a lasting impact in their communities. All Heart ‘n Home Volunteers are encouraged to determine where they would like to contribute and Heart ‘n Home strives to place them in a place where they feel they are making the biggest difference. Youth Volunteers must have a trained adult Volunteer, the patient’s caregiver, or facility staff either physically present or within the vicinity when volunteering directly with a patient.

Special Services Volunteer

Heart ‘n Home patients and families also appreciate services and support from Licensed Beauticians, Massage Therapist, Music Therapist, and/or Pet Therapists. Special Services Volunteers hold a specialized license or certification and follow established rules set out by the state in which they are employed.

Bereavement Volunteer

Heart ‘n Home Bereavement Volunteers are generally Direct Patient Care Volunteers who want to continue a relationship with a family after their patient has passed away. As a Bereavement Volunteer, you can make home visits or phone calls to those grieving the loss of a loved one. You will also assist the Bereavement Coordinator with Heart ‘n Home Grief and Loss Support Groups as well as help with clerical duties and record keeping.

11th Hour Volunteer

Heart ‘n Home 11th Hour Volunteers are trained to be able to sit with hospice patients and know the signs and symptoms to expect at end-of-life. Our 11th Hour Volunteers provide support through the act of being “present” as they assist patients and families during the last hours of life. As an 11th Hour Volunteer, you will provide companionship to ensure that no one dies alone. You will reduce stress and anxiety by providing information; guidance; and emotional, physical, and spiritual support. 11th Hour Volunteers also do other tasks such as picking up the family from the airport, getting food for the family, or running errands, depending on the needs of each situation.

Veteran to Veteran Volunteer

Are you a Veteran? Veteran Volunteers can assist Heart ‘n Home patients by providing an outlet for discussing events or situations that happened in an event of war and can help provide closure to patients. As a Veteran Volunteer, you may provide the last opportunity for Veterans to feel that their service was not in vain and that they are appreciated. Veteran Volunteers get to engage, honor, and recognize the Veterans we serve. Also, as a Veteran, you may have been through similar situations, providing a way to relate and discuss events that may be very beneficial to those at end of life.