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Virtual Advance Care Planning Discussion April 16th

During these unprecedented times, Nathan Kottkamp, founder of National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD), reminds us that “the importance of advance care planning is VERY real right now.”  We would like to encourage you to stay connected during this time of “social distancing.”  Heart ‘n Home Hospice is doing its part to keep communities connected, talking about what matters most, and supporting each other in the spirit of NHDD. We believe that having the conversation is another element of “preparedness.”  Learning what matters to those that matter most to us helps families, clinicians, and communities alike understand values and can bring comfort in times of stress.

Modern medicine can do amazing things, but that can also require some very difficult decisions. Talking about end-of-life healthcare wishes is difficult even in the best of circumstances; however, making decisions for a loved one in an emergency is even more complicated. Join us on Facebook Live,, as we lead in a discussion about advance care planning, April 16th, 11:30a to 12:00p MST.

Advance care planning is the process of making your healthcare wishes known, in the event that something should happen unexpectedly, leaving you unable to communicate your preferences and personal beliefs in healthcare.

An open conversation about this can reduce anxiety about a situation we are all subject to face. To find resources on how to start this conversation and obtain a free state directive visit



Frankie L., LMSW/RPT, Traumatic Grief & Loss Specialist and Liz S., LMSW, MSSD Educator

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