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Top 3 Voted Charities in the Community

At Heart ‘n Home, we are passionate about giving back to our community and paying it forward. After all, isn’t that what hospice is all about? We affirm the lives of others and create a sense of community. We care for our neighbors, loved ones, and each other.  Below are the results of the top three charities you chose (voted) that benefit the community the most!

In January 2015, we rolled out a charity contest where our Facebook followers had the opportunity to nominate and rally on behalf of their most beloved charitable organization.  We wanted to put the next $100.00 donation from Heart ‘n Home into the hands of our community.  We were taken back by the success of the campaign.  What we learned was evident.  After reaching over 4,500 votes, it is clear that people care deeply for organizations that are helping better the lives of their friends, neighbors, co-workers, pets, loved ones, and complete strangers.  By voting and participating in the opportunity to raise awareness for their most favorite charity, they felt they were doing their part.

Our goal was to get you more engaged in making a bigger and better impact on the people, causes, and organizations you care about most. In short, we hope to help you to live more and give more.  So, without further ado, your top 3 charities are:

#1 Better Together, Inc. (WINNER)
Better Together is a not for profit organization that serves the Western Treasure Valley. This includes cities and towns on the border of Idaho and Oregon. The majority of projects

Better Together Inc.

House painted on Serve Day. The house needed much prep work and our volunteers are of all ages. After the preparation for this home, a volunteer paint crew came in to finish. The homeowner was so appreciative and thankful that her community cared so much about her to help her with this monumental task.

happen in Malheur County, Oregon and Payette County, Idaho. Better Together exists to connect resources and volunteers with needs in our community in order to improve the area in which we live. There is a high priority of projects that will increase the safety and health of individuals.  In order to continue to provide these vital services to our community, as well as expand our level of community support, we need strong financial partnerships. You may easily donate at  Your $100 donation can purchase: Five gallons of latex paint, Wheel chair ramp materials, Weather Stripping and Insulation, Replacement windows, Lawn/Garden equipment rental, Park/playground paint, etc.

How does this organization affect its community?
Better Together does projects in the community that are focused on bringing people together in doing acts of service to benefit others.  The largest scope of project that we do is called Serve Day.  For the past 7 years, we have put together an all volunteer event to change and improve our communities.  It has been our priority to foster independence by providing ramps; promote dignity by improving housing for others; improve the community through projects for parks; food banks; churches; or other community organizations.  We have noticed that when we paint a house in a neighborhood, this increases neighborhood pride and most of the time, others will clean up their yard or their house in an effort to spiff up their neighborhood.  This is most noticeable in the southeast area of Ontario, Oregon where we painted a house a couple of years ago and then the neighbors painted their home, another house down painted their home, another house down painted their home, and now there is still another house that has painted and cleaned up their home.  This creates neighborhood pride.  Better Together hopes that with continued support from the community we can move from Serve Day being a single day event to a resource that can be used year round.” – Sharla Phelps, President of Better Together

Current needs at Better Together, Inc:
We are currently seeking financial assistance to put together Serve Day (May 9, 2015).  Last year, we had 45 projects including the painting of seven houses.  We do get quite a deal on paint from Rodda paints and can purchase approximately 6 gallons of paint for $100.  We try to reuse brushes and other supplies as much as we can so we are accountable with our resources.

To learn more about Better Together, Inc contact:
President:  Sharla Phelps (208-230-0164)
Vice President/Treasurer:  James Vogt
Secretary:  Tammy Vogt
Board Member at large:  Rick George
Board Member at large:  Jose Acosta


#2 Families and Communities Together of Central Oregon (F.A.C.T)
The F.A.C.T ensures families have access to a variety of affordable opportunities that encourage them to be safe, healthy, and prepare children for school.

Families and Communities Together of Central Oregon

Recent community event. La Pine Middle School leadership students serving dinner which was provided free of charge by OSU Nutrition Services and Rosland Elementary.

How does this organization affect its community?
F.A.C.T is a prevention program providing support services that help parents reduce risk factors and enhance protective factors for effective parenting. Focusing services to South County families, F.A.C.T. is a non-profit governed by a Board of Directors.  We sponsor/provide family activities; family skills and parenting classes; parenting workshops; and connect families with services.  We strive to provide services and activities that allow families to have fun and grow together in a safe environment.

Current needs at F.A.C.T:
Funds to provide services
Volunteers for events
Prizes for events—items to use for raffles, door prizes and Bingo prizes
Small items to use for prizes for children for games and incentives

To learn more about F.A.C.T contact Teri Newcomb (541-280-3935) or DeeAnn Lewis (541-815-0849).


Help Change the Life of a Friend

“I created this project after being very ill for several months after surgery. It gave me a reason to get up in the morning and keep going! These people need our love and compassion just to get through one day at a time!”
– Cheryl Farley, Project Leader

#3 Changing the Life of a Friend! One Day at a Time!
Their mission is a focus on sharing kind, compassionate care to the homeless families and less fortunate people in our community! One task at a time!  This project provides each man, woman, and child with the essential hygiene needs to keep clean and feel better about themselves. Each hygiene bag contains hand soap, toothpaste, tooth brush, comb or brush, shampoo, socks, dental floss, and lotion!

Current needs to continue the process are hand soap, shampoo, tooth brushes, toothpaste, socks for men, women, and children, lotion, combs, brushes, etc.  To donate new items or for more information please contact Cheryl Farley, CNA of St. Alphonsus of Ontario, Oregon at 208-740-9998.

View all the charities that were nominated.

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