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The Vital Role of Social Workers in our Society

As March comes to an end, we wanted to take one last opportunity to honor all our social workers, or Care Navigators as we call them here at Heart ‘n Home. In March we celebrate National Social Work Month. Social workers play a crucial role in the lives of all that they work with. Social workers are trained to examine and address life’s problems in a holistic way. They elevate and empower people, giving them the ability to solve problems, cope with personal roadblocks and get the resources they need to succeed.

At Heart ‘n Home, our Care Navigators serve patients from the very beginning of care and they continue with families even after the death of their loved one. They help navigate often unknown situations and they provide an array of services. Care Navigators support our brave military Veterans and organize Veteran Pinning Ceremonies. They also help with end of life planning and preparation. They are advocates for our patients and they do invaluable work.

Another important role that Care Navigators fill is with bereavement services. Grief can start long before death and continues long afterward. Although they can’t eliminate grief, they can provide tools that help with the grieving process. Grief support groups are lead by our Care Navigators and grief counseling is available when needed. The Grief & Loss Support Groups are open to the public and not just to the patient’s families. Check out our News & Events section of our webpage to find a group near you.

Thank you to all our Care Navigators! Your heartfelt work impacts not only our patients and families, but also our communities.

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