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The Desire to Give or Share

The Desire to Give or Share
Written by Minda Jacobsen, RN, MSHA, CHPN

November’s Inspired Nurse addresses a key element of the human condition … the desire to give or share.  Most of us went into nursing with the desire to share the gift of mercy with others.  When I was asked as a a little girl what I wanted to do when I grew up it was always “ I want to be a nurse to help other people.” Even as youngsters, the desire to give and share can be a life motivating factor.

This time of year always brings back memories (good and bad) of holidays past where giving was either joyfully received or perhaps even not appreciated by some holiday scrooges.  Regardless of the attitude of the recipient, sharing our gifts and talents with one another can lift OUR spirits and fulfill that particular “ gift shaped gap” in OUR soul. I believe each of us has something we can share:

  •  A story
  • A life experience
  • A joke
  • A helping hand
  • A word of encouragement

All these ways are simple and inexpensive ways we can give of ourselves to others.  Can you think of a time when you shared something with someone and the feeling YOU received seemed much more meaningful than that of the person who received your gift? I can. A pumpkin milkshake shared with a cancer patient at Thanksgiving time, a foot rub given to a bed ridden patient, food donated to the food pantry.. we all have opportunity daily to contribute to the good of at least one other person. The great fun of this is that it is not important that the credit come back to you when gifts are given in a spirit of sharing and caring.

During this upcoming season, my challenge to each of you is to identify one person a day to be the recipient of your “ random act of kindness.”  Maybe you know someone who needs to be able to take their kids out to ice cream but just doesn’t have the funds, maybe it is an aging parent, or neighbor who just needs a friendly hello to cheer their day. Start to train your eyes to see those opportunities as they arise and then go out of your comfort zone and address a need as you see it. The more you practice this, the better your MERCY vision will grow.  Soon, you will see opportunity abounding. What a great way to live. Take care and be safe out there.

-Minda Jacobsen, RN, MSHA, CHPN
Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations



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