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Take Time To Stop and Connect

I first met Ron (name changed for privacy) when he approached me to ask about my day while I was charting outside a resident’s room. We visited for a while and he shared about God and his faith. I wouldn’t see him again for several months and when we met again I found him in the foyer of the building greeting all those who would pass by. When I asked him his name he said with a straight face, “Tome O. Socka.” I thought it odd for I didn’t remember that as being his name, for it is quite unique. Then he smiled and said, “But my friends call me, O sock it to me!” We went on visiting and he stated that he was waiting for his son. I heard later that his son never came. Just a reminder to take a moment to stop and connect with people along the way. Ron provided a little sunshine to everyone he greeted, let’s take the time to do the same.

Sherra A., RN
Case Manager
Heart ‘n Home Hospice & Palliative Care, LLC

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