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Stay Home for the Holidays with Hospice

The holidays are meant to be shared with those that you love. It’s not about the “things” we give or get, but about the quality time, we share together. Family feasts, fun and games, reminiscing, and quiet talks around a fire are enjoyed by so many. For those who are dealing with life-limiting conditions, that quality time is of utmost importance. Time spent with those that you love becomes a priority.

Heart ‘n Home can help those with serious illnesses stay home with their loved ones by providing support and medical services in their homes. We provide regularly scheduled visits and our patients have our number and can call us 24/7 with any needs or concerns of any kind. This allows you to stay home with your family for holiday gatherings and avoid the stress of sitting in a hospital.

If you have a loved one who has a life-limiting illness, give them the gift of time together this holiday season. Time home with their loved ones. Let Heart ‘n Home bring hospice home for the holidays, wherever “home” may be, including assisted living facilities or a nursing home. At Heart ‘n Home we focus on living, not dying.

Our Nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our Personal Care Assistants can assist and educate family and professional caregivers with bathing, dressing, and the many other things involved in caring for a seriously-ill individual. This can help reduce stress during a very busy time.

Let us not forget Volunteers! Heart ‘n Home has amazing Volunteers who can provide assistance. We have Volunteers who can help pick up medications, do the dishes, walk the dog, or whatever else is needed. They are also available to help relieve caregivers and provide respite relief.

The services provided by hospice are what Americans report they want, yet 83 percent of them don’t know about hospice. Most people don’t realize that hospice care is more than care for the last few weeks of life. Hospice patients and families receive care for an unlimited amount of time, depending upon the course of the illness. There is no fixed limit on the amount of time a patient may continue to receive hospice services.

If you or a loved one may benefit from the gift of hospice, please contact us to learn more. We can come to see you at no charge and help them determine if they would benefit from hospice care.

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