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Spirituality and Death

This week I was saddened to hear of the sudden passing of a friend’s wife. My heart breaks for my friend and his family to have lost a loved one at such a young age.  Just a few weeks before, news of another accidental death made my heart sink.  In an instance, a wife and young children were left behind. News like this gets you!  It hits you right in your heart and it doesn’t leave your mind.

Death… it’s not easy to handle, ever. Whether it happens without warning or after a long battle with an illness, losing someone we know and love is devastating.

Questions, often unanswered, can consume us. Why did this happen? How will I move on without them?

Often times the loss of a loved one makes us reflect on what we believe.  Is there life after death? Does the spirit live on? Will I ever see my loved one again? Is there something/someone bigger than us all? In difficult times we often search for meaning in life. We try to find a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. Turning towards spiritual things is common during difficult times.

Spirituality has many definitions. Spirituality is personal. Spirituality is connected to our emotional wellbeing and they influence each other as do all aspects of wellbeing. The importance of spiritual care differs from person to person. Some people may find peace in the rituals and traditions of organized religion and others may find spirituality in another way. Whether you find spirituality in religion or in your own personal experiences, there are incredible benefits of spiritual care.

One of the huge benefits of spirituality is that it helps us maintain mental strength when facing difficult times. If we aren’t personally experiencing difficult times, we know someone who is. Spirituality alone doesn’t take away the pain or stress of difficult times, but it gives us hope. We are more likely to find some positivity even on dark days. That hope helps stay afloat and helps us work towards healing.

Each October we celebrate Spiritual Care Week. This week we join with the rest of the country to focus on spiritual care. Each year a new theme brings to light a certain aspect of spiritual care as a focus. It invites us to think of new and creative ways to tell the story of spiritual care.

Heart ‘n Home Hospice knows how important spirituality is in life and death. Our spiritual care is different from most organizations. Our innovative processes focus on addressing overall spiritual health while providing a space to cope with feelings of guilt, anger, frustration, and sadness. We will not attempt to change, save, or fix you; rather, we assist you in healing your own emotional and spiritual wounds.  We support individuals as they celebrate their own faith, develop a deeper awareness of spiritual strength, and discover the possibility for growth and healing. If you or someone you love is experiencing grief from the loss of a loved one and you need some extra support, you are welcome to join in one of our Grief and Loss Support Groups.  These groups are open to the public.  Click here to find a group in your area.





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