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Sherry’s Changed Thoughts About Hospice

I think I am like most people. My perception of hospice was that hospice equaled death. That thought that if you put someone on hospice they will die for sure! Or how about, “Don’t do it until the very last minute so they will live!” Guess what I found out? People will die if they are on hospice or not. Hospice does NOT equal death. Hospice is a way of LIVING during one’s inevitable last days. It is a way of resting so one can enjoy the days left. Hospice literally means “refuge.”

When I began working for Heart ‘n Home I found an amazing group of people who really want to help our patients live their best life possible during a difficult time for the family. We each have our role and we do all we can to take the tedious burdens of this process we call death, off of the shoulders of loved ones. We come to our patient’s residence so they don’t have to waste energy going back and forth to the doctor. We monitor and assess their needs and help them find comfort – physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort. We are here to answer a question from a worried spouse at three in the morning. We have Volunteers that will sit and watch a TV show with a patient that needs a little company. We take the burden off of families to navigate insurance billing. After a person passes, we still actively support their loved ones for over a year. We are here for the community, literally 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

This place has changed me. I have a changed mind. This place gives me comfort that there are people to help when this time comes to my doorstep. Accessing my benefit of hospice as early as possible is a good thing in ALL situations! I have made my life’s goal to help everyone I love and in my community to understand the benefits of getting on hospice as early as possible. Hospice helps. Hospice means “refuge.” Think about that and your mind will change, too.

Sherry Haeger
La Grande Outreach Coordinator
Heart ‘n Home Hospice & Palliative Care, LLC

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