Serving Idaho and Oregon Patients and Families for 10 Years! - Heart 'n Home Hospice & Palliative Care, LLC

Serving Idaho and Oregon Patients and Families for 10 Years!


Serving Idaho and Oregon Patients and Families for 10 Years!
A Decade of Life-Affirming Vision and Service

“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision and relentlessly drive it to completion.” Jack Welch, American business executive, author, chemical engineer and former Chairman and CEO of General Electric Corporation.

The words “I have an idea” have changed the world many times. For instance, in 2004 a college student gathered four buddies and told them his idea for an internet site called Facebook. In 2004, the National WWII Memorial was dedicated, fulfilling Sen. Bob Dole’s vision for a meaningful and lasting tribute to WWII Veterans. Also in 2004, a hospice nurse and her two eldest sons sat around a kitchen table in Idaho. “I’ve got an idea,” she said, and Heart ‘n Home Hospice & Palliative Care went from concept to reality. They created a vision, articulated it, and ten years later still passionately own and drive it.   “I’ve learned that no matter how much we want to provide excellent hospice care to everyone, not everyone wants it.   However, for those that do … it truly fulfills my heart knowing they are getting the gift of hospice during their end-of-life journey.” Said Cindy Lee, RN, CHPN, CHPCA, Owner and CEO of Heart ‘n Home.

This month as Heart ‘n Home marks a decade of “affirming life by providing emotional, physical, and spiritual support to our patients and to those who love and care for them,” we will celebrate with the hundreds of physicians, nurses, social workers, spiritual care providers, aides, administrators, volunteers, caregivers, medical and community organizations, schools and most of all, patients and their families. Take Becky Davis, for instance. In early 2004 she was new to the area and looking for a teaching job. A friend who knew she had office manager experience introduced her to Cindy Lee, Owner/CEO of Heart ‘n Home, who needed an office manager for her new hospice. “We met for lunch,” Becky explained. “Cindy shared her passion for hospice and I became convinced the work was a worthy pursuit. Ten years later, my conviction and passion still grows.” Today, Becky is Senior Vice President of Operations.

Since opening our first location in Fruitland, Idaho (March 2004), Heart ‘n Home has opened 8 additional branches.  We have also grown from a handful of staff members to over 170 employees.  “I’ve learned that success in life can truly be measured by your value to others, not in a bank account or in things.  It’s a lesson from hospice I think we all learn, who will be at my bedside?  Will my legacy be in a book, in the memory of others or in the heart of others?  Which leads me to the biggest lesson I’ve learned, which is that my dreams will only be that without people in my life, I cannot do this alone.  Cindy, Kris and I could never have done all this alone, we have been blessed by the talents of so many that have made all the difference.” Said Todd Stice, Owner and Senior Vice President of Finance.   Learn more about the mission, vision, and family core values of Heart ‘n Home.


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They Are Americans

“Caring for veterans shouldn’t be a partisan issue. It should be an American one.” Jennifer Granholm, Former Governor of Michigan

From Schofield, my father was deployed to the ETO (European Theatre of Operations), a vast battlefield. He earned the rank of Warrant Officer, a marksman certificate, and several other commendations. We learned these things upon his death when the funeral home gave us a copy of his discharge papers, which we had never seen before. He never mentioned the battlefield, what he saw there, what he did there. Were the memories just too awful to recall? Hopefully not, but we will never know.

During Heart ‘n Home’s decade of providing life-affirming care for patients and their families, we have had the distinct privilege to serve military Veterans, many just like my father. Every Veteran has unique needs, influenced by personal military experience and if that experience involved anything traumatic, the Veteran may not want to think, let alone talk, about it. However, we have seen miracles thanks to our Veteran Volunteers. They sometimes offer the last opportunity for Veteran patients to feel that their service was not in vain and is appreciated.

When a Veteran sits down with a Veteran, even from different military branches, they are Americans. Barriers dissolve, commonalities are revealed, relationships blossom, and lives are affirmed. Heart ‘n Home reminds you to thank a Veteran every chance you get – every day, every time!

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