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Self-Reflection As We Start A New Year

The season of fall is traditionally seen as a time of letting go.  Nature provides us with some parallels as it shows us the patterns of how life is lived.  Trees are shedding their leaves, the days become shorter, and the temperatures become cooler – letting go of the summer season and making way for what is to come next.  In the midst of all of this action, the beauty around us is remarkable.

As we head into winter and then the new year, I think about the concept of “letting go”.  Letting go of the past and moving forward into the new year.  This time of the year is also one of introspection and often an evaluation of how far you have come throughout the year.  Many of us also ask, “what else is left to do”.  Through the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, the family events, and the preparation for a new year with new resolutions, we can get bogged down in the tasks at hand.  The beauty for us comes when we take a step back and recognize how we continue to re-create the life that is in front of us. 

The practice of self-reflection is a way for us to recognize what we have done over the past year and ask questions such as, “Are you happy with where you are?”  “What is it that you need to let go of?”  Dr. Karen Jacobson suggests that “As you take inventory, perhaps focus and reflect on who you are being, rather than what you have done or have not.” 

So, take some time, sit down with a piece of paper or a journal, take a few deep breaths, and commit to a moment of self-reflection.  It does a lot of good!

Sharla, LMSW, Care Navigator


Jacobson, K. (n.d.)  Autumn is the Time to “Fall” into Focus & Finish the Year Strong!”

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