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Scholarships Awarded to High School Students

Scholarships Awarded to High School Students

Heart ‘n Home is passionate about giving back to the community we live and work in.  Each year we donate monies back into our community to support youth development, community support, elderly development, and bereavement/tragedy support.   This year we were able to give over $8,000 in scholarship monies to these local students.  They were required to commit to one hour per week of patient care and submit an essay at the end of the year.


  • Allysha Yasuda, Fruitland High School, $1,500
  • Trevor Finch, Fruitland High School, $1,500
  • Mikaela Ratcliff, Emmett High School, $1,250
  • Jasmin Herrera, Fruitland High School, $1,250
  • Kailee Garner, Fruitland High School, $1,000
  • Anna Ramirez, Fruitland High School, $500
  • Trista Goodenough, Weiser High School, $100
  • Falyn Henry, Emmett High School, $100



  • Kelsie Hammer, Caldwell Office, $750
  • Sofia Broadbent, Meridian Office, $750

Volunteering can be an extremely rewarding experience. There are hundreds of different reasons why people decide to donate their time. What will yours be?

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Hospice Volunteers: Creating Legacies One Patient at a Time

Hospice Volunteers: Creating Legacies One Patient at a Time

“We make a living from what we earn. We make a life from what we give. What we do for ourselves dies with us but what we do for others’ lives forever.” Winston Churchill.
National Volunteer Appreciation Week

At Heart ‘n Home, our Volunteers often express joy and fulfillment from spending time with our patients. They say that volunteering with Heart ‘n Home gives them a greater sense of purpose, that it feels good to give back, and that volunteering for hospice makes them feel like they’re making an important contribution to humankind. That’s why Heart ‘n Home will be front and center April 6-12 to recognize, reward and celebrate the astonishing efforts of our Volunteers, who create lasting legacies every day, every time, with every patient.

Without Volunteers, Heart ‘n Home would be unable to meet all of the needs of our patients, families and community. We can’t imagine even one moment without their skillful hearts and hands. With Heart ‘n Home having more than 200 active hospice Volunteers in Idaho and Oregon, our patients and families are well taken care of.  In 2013, they drove nearly 100,000 miles and donated almost 15,000 hours for patients and families. To say we have reason to celebrate is quite an understatement. Thank you, Heart ‘n Home Volunteers!

National Volunteer Week is also about inspiring and encouraging more people to get involved. Volunteers are at the center of social change and progress worldwide. Some choose to travel to faraway lands to serve in remote villages and war-torn cities. But right here in our community, simple things like vacuuming a home, or walking a dog, helping to write letters or just watching a movie together will create a lasting legacy for a Heart ‘n Home patient and family. According to Donna Cardillo, RN, MA, “When you focus on helping others you are less likely to focus on your own troubles. And if your volunteer work happens to be with people who are ill, disabled or underprivileged, it can put challenges in your own life in perspective.”

At Heart ‘n Home, our mission is “Affirming life by providing emotional, physical and spiritual support to our patients and to those who love and care for them.” If that appeals to you, tell us about the lasting legacies you’d like to create for a hospice patient and family.

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