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Saint Joe: My Father’s Story

My dad, Joe Conway, was an amazing man. He was an accountant by education and worked for a worldwide construction company where he was at times the treasurer and at other times the assistant to the senior corporate vice president, so he was a well known face around the company. Many of the employee’s children were hired there for the summer and my sister and I were among those. People would always ask us who we belonged to and once we answered, we were always greeted with “Oh, you’re Joe’s daughter, he’s so wonderful,” or “He’s the greatest guy!” We would hear this so much and would come home and tell Mom, that she joking said ” Oh yes, St. Joe of Boise!”.

That title stuck with him his whole life and he would get a cute little smirk on his face when we would call him that.


Dad was a quiet and private man who thought a while about what he wanted to say and then spoke quietly. My sister and I were know to beg him, “Please don’t talk to us, can’t you just hit us?!” Because no one wanted to disappoint him! Along with this quiet demeanor, was a wicked dry sense of humor that you had to be on your toes to understand. He could crack me up until both of us were in tears. Like the time my mom and I let my daughter’s very large, very protective dog into the back yard and he promptly chased two men doing yard work up the fence screaming. I went back into the house to see Dad standing there watching and laughing so hard that he was crying, which promptly set me to laughing hysterically as well.

When the diagnosis of terminal cancer was made, Dad wanted to stay at home, to be with family. Dr. Kohler suggested hospice to help control the pain and help my mother. Our experience with the hospice people was wonderful; they were so kind and caring and did everything that they could do to help my mom. I live 13 hours away, so Anna , the nurse, would call and give me updates on both my father and how my mother was coping with things. I really can’t say enough good things about the staff that we dealt with, they were all amazing.

Thank you, Heart ‘n Home Hospice, from our whole family for allowing Joe to end his life as he lived it, quietly, dignified, peacefully, and surrounded by those that loved him!

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