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Words from our Professional Partners and Community

Heart 'n Home works closely with many health care providers and community organizations to ensure patients receive quality end-of-life care. Through effective partnerships, we alleviate some of the stress associated with end-of-life experiences and increase the quality of life or our patients and their loved ones. Here are some of the things that organizations have said about working with Heart 'n Home.

We have been very impressed with Heart 'n Home's dedication to their patients. They have a similar philosophy to ours in that they always go the extra mile to ensure the people they care for get the best attention. It is as if they are an extension of their own family. Working with their employees has been a pleasure. They are always knowledgeable about patient care, understanding, and very responsive on the phone and in person. Being a family business ourselves, it is comforting to be able to say we would whole-heartedly recommend Heart 'n Home Hospice to care for any of our own loved ones. This is the truest testament of our belief in their efforts.
~ Elaine Ladd, Pharmacist Owner
Ladd Family Farmacy

I appreciate the availability of the staff at Heart 'n Home! They never questioned coming to see our patients when they needed them, they just came. Heart 'n Home staff always found their way to the heart of their patients and families and made them feel like they were getting the best care possible!
~ Carol Schultz, LPN
Grace Assisted Living

Heart 'n Home Staff are professional, courteous and truly take time with the residents and families. They also have the very best CNA's to assist with bathing.
~ Valerie Miller, RN, RCM
St. Elizabeth Care Center

Over the past few years I have had the privilege to have the support of Heart 'n Home Hospice as they have ministered to members of my congregation and other individuals with whom I have personally been involved with. I do not have nearly enough words to adequately express my sincere appreciation for Heart 'n Home. They have proved to be a loving and caring health care provider during difficult times. But more than that, they have come to be friends and a valuable support system for those of us who are involved in the everyday lives of our people. The training they offer volunteers and pastors is very well prepared and professional. In their overall care for patients and family members, Heart 'n Home is professional to the very end. Their nurses, social workers, chaplains, and aides always give 100 percent. Thank you and God bless!!!!
~ Pastor Norm Geyer
Highway Worship Center, Fruitland, Idaho

The entire staff was excellent, and the hospice aide was the best we have ever had!
~ Mickey Cowan, Owner
Serenity Farms Adult Foster Care

As the Executive Director of Emerson House, it is critical to work with hospice agencies that provide excellent care to my residents and also do a superior job communicating with me and my team. I appreciate how attentive Heart 'n Home has been to ensuring they provide the communication and follow through I value.
~ Eric Collett, Executive Director
Emerson House at River Pointe

Heart 'n Home does not cover the area my parents were living in. Yet Bob and Heart 'n Home staff were invaluable to me when my dad was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. He was given a matter of weeks to live, and I immediately remembered about hospice. But how do I find a hospice being 400 miles away? Enter Heart 'n Home. They were able to give me guidance as to how to find hospice groups to call, what questions to ask, and more. They were a resource for all of my questions so many miles from my parents, and perhaps best of all, they asked how I was doing. Though it was obvious I wouldn't be using their hospice services they still cared for me. With guidance from Heart 'n Home I asked a lot of questions when I went up to see my parents. We were able to find a great hospice group who truly did help make my dad's final weeks dignified and comfortable. They were a 24 hour/7 days a week resource. The best quote I've ever heard describing the help that hospice can bring came from my mom. Hospice is about more than care for an individual in the last chapter of life. It is about caring for the individual and their loved ones - there is support through the grieving process. As a pastor, as a loving son who watched his parents walk together through the final stages of his dad's life, I am a huge fan of hospice. For the assistance and care given by Heart 'n Home so many miles from my parents situations I am a huge fan of Heart and Home as well. They are not only a wonderful hospice, but a great resource for our communities.
~ John Murphy, Pastor
Kirkpatrick Memorial Community Church, Parma, Idaho

I am the marketer for A Caring Hand. My job is to provide personal care services for my clients. In doing so, I have learned of the other services for which they may qualify. Every client we have can rest assured knowing that I will get them the best referrals possible. I am constantly looking at companies and how they run their business. I check on how they come through with what they promise. Since I have been working with Heart 'n Home I have been extremely happy with their marketing style. They educate the public and I appreciate that immensely. Education is the key to understanding services and care Hospice covers. I now understand the scope of services, and am comfortable having the often uncomfortable conversation about Hospice, with relative success. Before this understanding, I did not attempt to discuss hospice care. The staff at Heart n Home is great... They all have a proactive approach to their individual jobs. I truly believe they love what they do and it shows in their day to day operations. Heart n Home?s referral form is easy to fill out and I can assure you they deliver on their promises; making difficult times easier and impossible family situations possible. I use Heart 'n Home for my clients, and if you care, you should too.
~ Mike Flowers
A Caring Hand

Our facility appreciates the way everyone works together to get the job done. The Heart 'n Home team communicates well and keeps the healthcare providers aware of current situations and needs. The entire staff is always willing to help out--find resources--go outside the box--make things work and find solutions - for everyone involved. We appreciate their guidance and expertise.
~ Margie, RN
Medical and Palliative Care Coordinator