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Physician Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Hospice



Lisa Steffey, DO – Medical Director for
Heart ‘n Home in La Pine, Oregon

Lisa Steffey, DO, is now serving hospice and palliative care patients of Heart ‘n Home Hospice & Palliative Care in La Pine.  We are excited to have her as our La Pine Medical Director!  After living most of her life in small towns, Dr. Steffey is genuinely committed to caring for patients in rural areas.  Read Dr. Steffey’s full biography.

Dr. Steffey says, “I am passionate about getting support for yourself and your loved ones at end of life and not waiting to the last few days.”  Dr. Steffey answers these frequently asked questions about hospice care:

What is hospice care?

Hospice is a patient and family support service that keeps the patient comfortable, teaches the family to provide care, and offers emotional and spiritual support.

When does hospice begin?

The earlier a person is referred, the more Heart ‘n Home can do to help. Sadly, many people believe that hospice is unavailable or inappropriate until literally, the last days of a person’s life.  Through hospice services, patients can enjoy a better quality of life.

Can I receive hospice if I reside in a nursing home or other type of facility?

Yes! Whether you live in an assisted living facility, nursing home, your own home, or your family’s home, we can come to you!

Should I wait for our physician to raise the possibility of hospice or should I raise it first?

Feel free to discuss hospice care at any time with their physician, other health care professionals, clergy, or friends. Studies prove that hospice should be discussed before the need, which will ease anxiety.

Dr. Steffey says, “Recently I moved back to Central Oregon to help care for my family.  My younger sister and mother were both diagnosed with cancer and Colorado was just too far away. I am committed to the hospice philosophy with helping people die peacefully at home fulfilling patients end time wishes, and helping families through the process.”

Contact us today at 1-800-HOSPICE (800-467-7423) if you or a loved one needs the assistance to stay comfortable and in your own home.

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