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Thoughts from our Hospice Patients and Families

Heart 'n Home would like to share with you just some of the thoughts and feelings that have been expressed as we have served our communities.

The care we received from Heart 'n Home was excellent. Everyone was very helpful and we received all of the supplies we needed very quickly. My father enjoyed all the visits so much and was very glad that people were helping him stay in his own home. Our entire family felt your support. I am so grateful for Heart 'n Home.
~ Carol, Daughter, age 54

When we had hospice for my wife, the benefits and support provided was remarkable! Medication and complete pain control for my wife, counseling for myself and the kids, and peace of mind knowing that skilled nursing care was available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and willing to come to my house. My only regret is that we did not get signed up sooner.
~ Galen, Spouse, age 39

I can't say enough good about Heart 'n Home, I really appreciate the level of expertise of your staff. It was a great help to me to have the confidence to take care of my sister. Your services also helped her maintain a good quality of life and a comfortable passing. I couldn't have done it without you!
~ Anne, Sister, age 67

I can't begin to express my appreciation for the care and comfort you gave to my husband and me. I particularly want to express my gratitude to your team. You knew my needs before I did and I learned so much from you. It was so nice to see my husband smile again when you were taking care of him...your advice and support was such a relief... I was feeling a great deal of guilt and frustration. Knowing what to expect as he faded was such a relief. Thankfully, he went very quietly and peacefully. To the whole team...my gratitude. Thanks are not enough for you angels!
~ Barbara, Spouse

Our family is so thankful to you all for the tender compassion you showed our Mother in her final days. She enjoyed your company and it put our hearts at ease knowing she was well-cared for. Again, our deepest gratitude to you all for honoring our Mother with your love.
~ Bessie's Family

The service and kindness given to our loved one's cancer crisis was both professional and given with great sensitivity and compassion. We are most appreciative.
~ Patient's Family

Thinking of all who were here for us during my husband's last days. Your love and prayers are so much appreciated, all the help and care, also your continued support for me. Our thanks to all.
~ Mae, Spouse

To all that took such great care of [patient]. We appreciated all your good care and tips on how we could better care for [patient] during her last days. You were much appreciated. Always know you are doing a great work!
~ Gayle & Debra, Caregivers

Thank you all for the great care and compassion you showed to our mom. There aren't enough thanks for how you treated mom.
~ Sandie, Daughter

I want to express my deepest gratitude for the care and loving you provided to my Grandmother. I met a few of you on my holiday visits to Ontario and truly appreciate all you did.
~ Mark, Grandson

We were told about the wonderful care that the personnel from Heart 'n Home provided during Lee's last days. As family members, we greatly appreciate that. Thanks so much for your help!
~ Jean and Family