Hospice Volunteer of the Month - October 2011 - Heart 'n Home Hospice & Palliative Care, LLC

Hospice Volunteer of the Month – October 2011

Phyllis was born in Mountain Home, Idaho, and at about the age of three months her family moved to Portland, Oregon. She and her husband, Mike, have been married for 20 years and have five children and five grandchildren. Phyllis has worked as a cook for Elkhorn Adolescence and has spent most of her career cooking; whether it was hiring, managing, or doing the cooking herself. About 16 years ago, Betty and Mike moved to Granite (a little place out of Baker City) to retire. Phyllis likes to play pool, read mysteries or other good novels, and does some quilting in her spare time. Phyllis stays very active in her church, her community, and helps friends and neighbors whenever possible.

Phyllis admits she was nervous for her first Volunteer assignment, and was pleased when it worked out so well! Phyllis states, “Volunteering has led me to want to help and serve others as much as I can.” She laughs and says, “It has helped me learn to deal with all sorts of people and problems.  Some of my patients haven’t talked very much, but they know I am there and I see the light in their eyes and the smile on their faces. It’s wonderful and every experience is different. I enjoy getting to know them and helping where I can, whether it is sitting by their side, holding their hand, or doing their dishes.”

Heart ‘n Home is so happy to have Phyllis as a Volunteer! Thank you, Phyllis for the work and dedication you provide to your patients.

Help us congratulate Phyllis and what she represents to all volunteers!

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Snap…Crackle…Pop! Celebrating our Caldwell Hospice Volunteers!

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Heart ‘n Home Hospice & Palliative Care celebrates VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION WEEK: APRIL 15-21!


To celebrate Volunteer Recognition Week, Heart ‘n Home will be recognizing our outstanding Hospice Volunteers each day of the week (16-20th).  We will be honoring each Volunteer Team by office.  Heart ‘n Home currently has 5 hospice locations in Fruitland, Idaho; Emmett, Idaho; Caldwell, Idaho; Meridian, Idaho; and Baker City, Oregon.

I urge each of you to join us in recognizing and supporting those who volunteer and serve.  “We hope that Volunteer Recognition Week ignites a spark of motivation within each of you to volunteer your time and special talents to help our hospice patients and families through one of the most difficult stages of their lives.” said Brianna Walter, Director of Volunteer Services at Heart ‘n Home.

SNAP….CRACKLE….POP….CELEBRATING OUR Caldwell Hospice Volunteer Team!  Thank you to each of the following Caldwell Hospice Volunteers whom together have donated 63,196 over miles and over 8,889 hours! Thank you:

  • Harold Anders, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer
  • Tonia Atkins, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer, Heart ‘n Home Outreach Coach
  • Ryan Banner, Caldwell Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Cathy Bear, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer
  • Don Carlberg, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer
  • Cleve Clucus, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer, Bereavement Volunteer
  • Jean Clucus, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer, Bereavement Volunteer
  • Margaret Cromwell, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer, Bereavement Volunteer
  • Janet Drake, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer
  • Jay Hawkins, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer
  • Ann Houston, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer, 11th Hour Volunteer
  • Chris Johnson, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer
  • Deborah Johnson, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer, 11th Hour Volunteer
  • John Karp, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer
  • Nedra Karp, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer, Bereavement Volunteer
  • Linda Kerr, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer
  • Kathy Koch, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer
  • Kathi Lee, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer, 11th Hour Volunteer
  • Melynda Lewis, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer
  • Jane Lemison, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer, Bereavement Volunteer
  • Sylvia Lopez, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer
  • Penny McClelland, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer, Bereavement Volunteer
  • Jack Muldoon, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer
  • Manuel Munoz, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer, 11th Hour Volunteer
  • Neil Phelps, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer, 11th Hour Volunteer, Bereavement Volunteer
  • Gloria Rogers, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer
  • Dave Smith, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer
  • Buddy Snethen, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer
  • Penny Steadham, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer
  • Erin Storey, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer, Heart ‘n Home Caldwell Office Executive Director
  • Rebecca Thomas, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer, Heart ‘n Home Case Manager
  • Don Tiller, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer, Bereavement Volunteer
  • Sharon Townsend, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer
  • Debbie Wallace, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer
  • John Watson, Caldwell Hospice Volunteer

Be waiting for tomorrow as we wrap up our Recognition Week – last, but absolutely NOT LEAST . . . . the Fruitland Hospice Volunteers!

Fruitland Hospice Volunteer of the Month

We are happy to report that Ella, an excellent Volunteer for Heart ‘n Home in Fruitland, Idaho has been chosen as the Hospice Volunteer of the Month for March 2012!  Ella has been volunteering since July of 2010 and she currently visits three patients.  She can be found doing everything from providing companionship to running errands to rolling hair in curlers for her Fruitland neighbors.  Ella notes she especially likes sharing in the stories and the experiences of the people she visits.  She states she gets to “meet interesting people” and she likes helping others, doing even little things for them.

Ella first came to know Heart ‘n Home because they cared for her husband approximately six years ago.  She notes that there were not as many Volunteers in the beginning and thinks it is wonderful to see that there is more help now for patients and families.  She began volunteering because she had first cared for her mother, followed by her neighbor.  After that, she figured she could help others just as easily.

Ella enjoys spending time with her family; she has five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren who visit from out of state when they are able.  Ella also enjoys reading just about anything and, once she is finished, she enjoys sharing books with others by passing them along.  She also states she, “always enjoys visiting with others.”  Ella likes to stay busy. She worked for the Payette, Idaho schools for 36 years and now looks forward to giving her time to volunteering.

With a cheery disposition and smile always on her face, Ella is a wonderful Fruitland Hospice Volunteer for Heart ‘n Home.  She willingly gives in various ways to multiple people and her dedication to volunteering is admirable.  Thank you, Ella!  We appreciate you!

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