New Executive Director in Fruitland, Idaho - Heart 'n Home Hospice & Palliative Care, LLC

New Executive Director in Fruitland, Idaho




Tonia Atkins, Fruitland Executive Director

Heart ‘n Home Hospice & Palliative Care, LLC is pleased to announce that Tonia Atkins has been named Executive Director of its Fruitland location. In this role, Atkins will oversee clinical and clerical management in several administrative areas, including Human Resources and education.

Atkins joined the Heart ‘n Home team in 2009 and has been promoted from her most recent position as Director of Outreach. “I am very passionate about advocating for hospice. I believe that everyone deserves to access their hospice benefit. By providing education to the community about what hospice can do for you and your family during the end of life journey, we are bringing hospice to more and more people each year. This education changes lives every day and I am proud to be a hospice advocate in all of the communities we serve. As Executive Director, I hope to bring hospice to more families in need by supporting our team in providing legendary service to our community … every day, every time. My goal is to provide continued education to the Fruitland and surrounding communities about the wonderful gift hospice can give to those in need.”

About Heart ‘n Home
Heart ‘n Home affirms life by providing emotional, physical, and spiritual support to our patients and to those who love and care for them. Heart ‘n Home is a local, family owned and operated company and serves 11 counties across Oregon and Idaho. Learn more about job openings and career opportunities at Heart ‘n Home.

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Winter Health Tips

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  1. Tread carefully.  To help avoid falls, wear appropriate shoes outdoors and put road salt, sand, or kitty litter on sidewalks and driveways. Better yet, if the walks haven’t been cleared, ask friends or relatives for help with errands or any outdoor activities.
  2. Avoid overwork.  Find someone to handle snow shoveling and other strenuous outdoor tasks. Cold weather causes blood vessels to constrict, increasing the risk of heart attack for people with heart disease or other conditions that strain the heart’s ability to pump blood.
  3. Exercise indoors.  Staying indoors does not mean being inactive. Keep in shape by walking in place, using a treadmill or working out with a fitness video. Daily stretching exercises can help maintain flexibility. Check with your physician before beginning any exercise program.
  4. Bundle up. Cold temperatures cause a strain on everyone especially to seniors, and the threat increases for those with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. A person who wanders from home without proper clothing in the winter can quickly fall victim to frostbite or hypothermia.
  5. Keep the heat on. Inadequate indoor heat also can cause hypothermia. Keep home temperatures above 65 degrees and dress in layers to maintain body temperature.
  6. Clear the air.  If you heat your home with a fireplace, gas furnace or gas-powered space heater, invest in carbon monoxide detectors, which can be purchased at a home improvement store for as little as $30. Carbon monoxide in the air can displace the oxygen in your blood stream and cause headache, dizziness, nausea, convulsions, and even death within two hours. The effects can be even faster for people with heart or respiratory illnesses.
  7. Socialize. Depression is more common in the winter months, and bad weather can mean social isolation for many.  Make efforts to spend time with family, friends and neighbors, and when weather makes visiting difficult, pick up the phone and chat.

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CHOO! CHOO! The Celebration Train Stops With A Bang: Fruitland Hospice Volunteers!

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Heart ‘n Home Hospice & Palliative Care celebrates VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION WEEK: APRIL 15-21!

To celebrate Volunteer Recognition Week, Heart ‘n Home will be recognizing our outstanding Hospice Volunteers each day of the week (16-20th).  We will be honoring each Volunteer Team by office.  Heart ‘n Home currently has 5 hospice locations in Fruitland, Idaho; Emmett, Idaho; Caldwell, Idaho; Meridian, Idaho; and Baker City, Oregon.

I urge each of you to join us in recognizing and supporting those who volunteer and serve.  “We hope that Volunteer Recognition Week ignites a spark of motivation within each of you to volunteer your time and special talents to help our hospice patients and families through one of the most difficult stages of their lives.” said Brianna Walter, Director of Volunteer Services at Heart ‘n Home.

And the celebration party-train stops with our fabulous Fruitland Hospice Volunteer Team! Who may be listed last, but are most certainly NOT least!  Thank you to each of the following Caldwell Hospice Volunteers whom together have donated over 89,651 miles and over 9,738 hours! Thank you:

  • Charlotte Alexander, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer
  • Larry Alexander, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer
  • Debra Davis, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer
  • Milly Davis, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer
  • Dan Dickerson, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer
  • Ella Downing, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer
  • Lori Finch, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer, Heart ‘n Home Cicely Ambassador Advisor
  • Jim Humble, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer, Bereavement Volunteer
  • John Inman, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer
  • John Kelleher, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer
  • Naida Kelleher, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer
  • Rick Kerr, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer
  • Verda Koehn, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer, Bereavement Volunteer
  • Jennifer Medina, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer
  • Nola Miller, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer, Bereavement Volunteer
  • Cathy Morrison, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer
  • Laura Pirrie, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer
  • Gloria Roberts, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer
  • Alberta Savala, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer, 11th Hour Volunteer
  • Joe Shockley, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer, Bereavement Volunteer
  • Venita Shockley, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer, Bereavement Volunteer
  • Cherie Skogerboe, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer, 11th Hour Volunteer
  • Denny Skogerboe, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer, 11th Hour Volunteer
  • Tom Smith, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer
  • Doyle Taylor, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer
  • Lila Taylor, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer
  • Patti Upton, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer
  • Judy Watts, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer, Heart ‘n Home Accounts Receivable Specialist
  • Ruby Braun, Fruitland Hospice Volunteer, 11th Hour Volunteer
  • Maria Acuna, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Bradee Burns, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Taylor Allen, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Kayla Burns, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Lucia Carbajal, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Jandee Carlson, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Kelsey Clow, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Jillian Cote, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Daniel Dahle, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Ethan Davis, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Talia Esplin, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Nik Fagen, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Trevor Finch, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Kacie Gastanaga, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Clara Gonzalez, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Diana Gonzalez, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Ramiro Gonzalez, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Connor Heersink, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Olivia Heersink, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Jasmin Herrera, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Kendra Kiramatsu, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Courtney Ingram, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Bibiana Juarez, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Victoria Marvin, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Kaylee Michael, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Holli Mullins, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Kenia Ortega, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Jesus Palomares, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Chase Paterson, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Titania Preston, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Ashley Pulido, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Sidronio Rangel, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Seth Reed, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Priscilla Rosilez, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Emily Tesnohlidek, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Emily Tingey, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Hailee Turner, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Kaylea Ware, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer
  • Alicia Williams, Fruitland Hospice Youth Volunteer

Although National Volunteer Recognition Week is coming to an end…..Heart ‘n Home never stops recognizing their wonderful Volunteers! Our team would not be complete without them! and our patients and their families would vouch for that as well 😉  Thanks again to our Volunteers, and to ALL of America’s outstanding and generous citizens we like to call “Volunteers!”

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