National Volunteer Appreciation Week 2020 - Heart 'n Home Hospice & Palliative Care, LLC

National Volunteer Appreciation Week 2020

National Volunteer Week takes on a whole new meaning this year with the COVID19 shut down. Volunteers are an integral part of many organizations around the United States. Hospice Volunteers are extra special because not only are they deemed necessary by Medicare but give many hours affirming the lives of patients at the end of their lives. Normally, we would be celebrating our Heart ‘n Home Volunteers with BBQ’s, parties, and other ways to recognize them. This year, Volunteers are unselfishly supporting our hospice staff in many ways we never dreamed would be necessary.

One of our Volunteers, Robyn Brader, knew our staff was still working to keep patients safe and feeling loved. One morning, Brader dropped off cards outside the locked front door of the La Pine office. Each card was specially created for each staff member with a message of encouragement during this unique time. Brader is known for her card making and distribution to other Volunteers and patients celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. This week, she helped each staff member realize they are remembered and appreciated for their service.

Other Volunteers have been keeping up with their patients by phone. These Volunteers had a relationship with their patient before the COVID-19 crisis started. One of the patients asks her Volunteer to check in with her every week as the calls help her stay connected to the “outside” world. All Volunteers check in for updates on their patients to try to keep up to date with their health progress. It has been difficult missing out on singing, cooking, puzzle making, and reading to patients while knowing they may not get to see their patient again.

Many of our Volunteers started sewing masks before there was a call for them. We have had over 100 masks made and donated to our office alone. Thanks to the Coronavirus a lot of sewing machines came out of their cases and got back to work.

The staff of Heart ‘n Home has felt our Volunteer’s love and support in many ways over the past weeks. We have all learned a lot during this crisis. One of the things we have learned is how much love our Volunteers pour out to assist us any way they can.

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering with Heart ‘n Home, visit our website. During this week of Volunteer Appreciation, and every week, we want to offer our sincere thanks to the many men, women, and children who selflessly volunteer with Heart ‘n Home.

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