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My Hospice Story

I’d been working for Heart ‘n Home just over three years when my family discovered that my father had a terminal illness. The shock and sorrow was immediate and overwhelming. The only easy decision to make was to utilize hospice. Switching roles from being part of the hospice team to a patient’s daughter was no easy transition, but I was gently reminded to do just that by my friends and coworkers.

I’ve always believed in the importance and benefits of hospice, but I discovered that I never fully appreciated them after all. Being able to pick up the phone and call for help in the middle of the night when my dad was in pain or had a new symptom, knowing someone would come, was so comforting. Watching how the team built relationships with my sweet father and seeing how he was able to trust and depend on them brought me peace. Knowing that when family dynamics got dicey (and don’t they always) I could call on my fabulous Medical Social Services Team to come and spend time listening to my siblings and comforting my son. Supplies appeared without a second thought and most importantly (to me and dad) was the respect shown for the calm, peaceful atmosphere we created. Everyone adapted to us.

I wish my dad was still here and I miss him everyday. But I know that his last weeks were the best they could be because I was able to keep him in my home.  And I was only able to do that because of the hospice team he had and for that I am grateful.

Cheri F.S.
Medical Social Services
Heart ‘n Home Hospice & Palliative Care, LLC

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