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What My Hospice means is different to each individual and family we serve. For Kandice, it means using her passion for hospice awareness so that individuals know this is a benefit available to them.  As Medicare’s first coordinated care model, we must protect the Medicare Hospice Benefit for specialists like Kandice.

Hospice to me means “relief.”  I began working in hospice in 2007 and it just so happened my great grandpa was on hospice services at the same time. It was a frightening time for me as I watched his diagnosis worsen rather quickly. He struggled to breathe and had limited energy. I was young, a recent college graduate, and did not have the knowledge about the end-of-life process like I do today. I had also never gone through the dying journey with someone. Once hospice came on board, there was a noticeable difference for Grandpa.  Hospice also gave us relief through their education, as we learned what to expect as he progressed through the disease and decline. They empowered us by the knowledge we gained. Truthfully, I was even afraid to touch him for fear I would cause him more discomfort or pain. His hospice team reassured me it was okay for me to love on him and hold his hand and massage his hands and feet if I wanted to, which I did. They gave me a great sense of relief knowing it was okay to do that.  They also brought oxygen and proper medical equipment on board and he was able to sleep better. Another sense of relief. He had more energy to do what was most important to him – like visiting with his grandkids and holding the babies.  He no longer had to go to the Emergency Room and doctor’s office for appointments. This provided an element of relief to us knowing his limited energy was being protected and valued.  Hospice provided relief by being available 24/7 – they were just a phone call away at all times. After he passed, they provided grief support to my grandma – giving us additional relief knowing professionals were helping her with tools that we could not.  A relief, again.

Fast forward to today, I have lost several family members since Grandpa, and they too were on hospice services. These experiences have fueled my passion and love for what I do today. I am now a Public Relations Specialist, promoting and advocating for the hospice benefit. I believe deeply in the right that all American’s should have access to the Medicare Hospice Benefit. My personal experiences with hospice feed the fire inside me to ensure individuals know hospice is an option for them. They do not have to do this alone. We are here to be a relief to them.

Please contact us today if you or someone you love may benefit from hospice services.


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