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Leading the Way in the Hospice Experience

At Heart ‘n Home, we believe that care begins when the phone rings. Often a person’s first contact with our organization is on the telephone. The kind of customer service you give over the phone can make the difference between a good and bad experience for those we serve. With that in mind, we created the Care Team.

The Care Team currently has nine individuals who are dedicated to providing legendary customer service from the moment the phone rings. This can be patients and families, referral partners, and even our wonderful staff!

The Care Team just celebrated their second anniversary and since then has answered nearly 40,000 calls within the first three rings. Because we care enough and love enough to create a predictable feeling every time the phone rings. We wanted to make sure patients and families could feel our compassion. At the end of the day, it is all about the feeling.

Not only do we answer phones, but we are also the first interaction in the referral process. From helping families and referral partners get their loved ones and patients’ access to hospice services, to processing medications and medical records the Care Team is here to support all that we interact with. We also have Registered Nurses available to help triage urgent patient needs as well as help our clinicians in the field.

As the Director of Care Team, my focus is on legendary customer service, compliance, and creating a predictable feeling for patients and families every time the phone rings. I hope to continue to learn and perfect the hospice referral process so that as a team we can make sure that every patient, family, or referral partner who calls Heart ‘n Home has the access to the end of life care they deserve.

Mallory Eldred, Director of Care Team


Meet the Rest of the Team!

“My role as a care coordinator with the Care Team is to embrace innovation, build meaningful relationships, and create legendary service. I embrace innovation with improvements within myself as well as the environment around me. We all are learning and growing daily as employees and individuals. By learning and growing I have been able to build meaningful relationships with patients, family/caregivers, and co-workers which has helped me be a part of the legendary service we “wow” our patients and family/caregivers with.”  -Brandi


“I have worked at Heart ‘n Home since February 2014. Since then I have been a CNA, an Office Manager, and now a Care Coordinator. I am responsible for helping coordinate Respite Care, scheduling re-certifications, notifying physicians of hospice admissions as well as calling them to thank them for allowing us the opportunity to care for their patients when they have passed. I believe this personal touch sets us apart from other places. I do audits for each office, to make sure all things are complete and entered before billing, as well as other back end tasks that support my team. I work for Heart ‘n Home because I know what a difference we make in our patients’ and their families’ lives during a difficult time. I have had three family members who have come onto hospice with Heart ‘n Home. The care and compassion given by everyone at Heart ‘n Home allowed my family to have peace in a stressful time. I am grateful because I know personally what a difference we can make in their lives.”  -Alicia


“I love being part of the Care Team because we are involved with every step of the journey for our patients and their families!  I set up face-to-face visits for our nurse practitioners and doctors. I coordinate traveling hospice which helps patients and families get to travel. I finish up the paperwork after a death. And I answering phones where I enjoy the everyday interaction with our patients and families.” -Maureen

“It’s an amazing feeling to create trust with our patients & deliver legendary service. I make sure medication orders get to the pharmacy on time and make sure medications will be delivered in a timely manner so that our patients will remain comfortable.” -Janie
“I keep track of referral influences, gather medical records, put the documents into the patient’s charts, and I’m first person to answer the phone.”   -Mari
  “I handle all incoming referrals and help set up admissions.” -Jordan
Nicole, Triage Nurse
Teresa, Triage Nurse

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