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Lola’s Story: Individualized Care Matters

Abbie, Lola’s Personal Care Assistant shares …

When I take care of a patient’s personal care needs, it’s not just about completing a list of tasks.  I take the time to get to know my patients so that I can give them care Hospice-your-way-individualized-careexactly as they like it. I once had a sweet elderly patient by the name of Lola (name changed for privacy) who loved my visits.  She lived in a facility where I had other patients and although she didn’t have any family, she had two wonderful friends who loved her like family.  Her friends saw me and our other Nurses and Personal Care Assistants interacting with our patients and they noticed there was something special about the care we gave so they gave us a call.  They wanted the best care for their dear friend Lola.

Lola loved to have her hair washed and brushed, she loved to have her nails painted and enjoyed a little perfume.  Another thing that was very important to her was to make sure her legs were always shaved.  She had always worn dresses to church and even though she was now bedridden, she still wanted to make sure she had her legs shaved as she always had.  Each time I finished getting her ready and applied the final touches of perfume, she felt so good and would immediately start blowing kisses in the air. She just loved it! It made me smile.

No Cookie-Cutter Care

When I think about the cares we give as Personal Care Assistants at Heart ‘n Home, I realize it’s not about personal cares, it’s about how we can make our patients feel special.  We take time to learn our patients’ likes, dislikes, and routines and then follow them. When our patients feel beautiful like they felt before their disease took over, it helps them feel better and have a higher quality of life.  I know this is what makes Heart ‘n Home unique.  When you receive hospice from Heart ‘n Home, you are not getting cookie-cutter care.  You are getting personalized, compassionate care and I feel proud to be a part of it.

Abbie A., CNA

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