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Local Veteran Hero: Technical Sergeant Geraldine Brummit

Geraldine Brummit hailed from Ohio. The bombing of Pearl Harbor made an impact on her. Her older brother enlisted in the Navy and she joined the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) in May of 1943, knowing that while women could not fight she could take over a desk job freeing up a man to go fight.  She did her basic training at Fort Devons, Massachusetts, and Daytona Beach, Florida. The WAAC was converted to active duty status in the Army of the United States as the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) in July of 1943.

Geraldine entered active service in the WAC in September of 1943 and was assigned to Fort Belvoir, Virginia. She was a clerk-typist for the Topographic Section in the Department of Mechanical and Technical Instruction in the Engineer School at Fort Belvoir. It was here that she met an engineering student who had his Civil Engineering education at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) interrupted with only ½ year remaining. He was in ROTC and in 1943 was ordered to the Engineer School at Fort Belvoir at the rank of Corporal.

Geraldine had her brush with fame when in September of 1944 she was voted Fort Belvoir’s prettiest WAC in a Post-wide “GI-in-the-street” poll conducted by the Belvoir Castle newspaper. By this time the engineering student had graduated from the engineering school and he held the rank of Lieutenant at Fort Belvoir. Geraldine held the rank of Sergeant. Fraternization between non-commissioned officers and officers was prohibited. The Lieutenant was sent overseas to the Pacific Theater in mid-1945.

While stationed at Fort Belvoir, Geraldine often took the bus to Washington DC to visit the monuments and the Smithsonian Museum as well as attend concerts. In mid-1945 she trained in preparation for the invasion of Japan and prepared to be sent overseas. On August 15, 1945, Imperial Japan surrendered. As part of the demobilization effort, Geraldine was then assigned to the Separation Center at Fort Sheridan, Illinois.

She was honorably discharged, with the rank of Technical Sergeant, in March of 1946 and returned to her parent’s farm in Ohio. In early September 1946, the Lieutenant’s ship docked on the West coast. Eleven days later Geraldine and the Lieutenant were married in Ohio.

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