Life's Final Seasons Can Be Some of the Most Fulfilling - Heart 'n Home Hospice & Palliative Care, LLC

Life’s Final Seasons Can Be Some of the Most Fulfilling

Especially when you look to hospice care for help.  The team at Heart ‘n Home provides expert medical care, teaches the family to provide care, and offers emotional and spiritual support for the whole family.  Patients can then focus on enjoying life together and living the final seasons to their fullest.

We can help with:

  • Physician & Staff Support
  • Caregiver Relief
  • Fewer Phone Calls
  • Grief Support
  • Less Trips to the ER
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Pain & Symptom Management
  • Medical Equipment & Supplies

Call 1-800-HOSPICE today to find the support your are looking for!

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Working as a Hospice CNA Affirms My Life

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What I’ve Learned ‘This Week’
Written by: Consuelo V., CHPNA


Consuelo V., CHPNA

October 20, 2015 was my 11-year anniversary as a CNA for Heart ‘n Home and I love my job more than ever! It makes me feel so good when I arrive to a patients’ home (or facility) to do my visit and they are waiting for my arrival.  Even the other residents that are not my hospice patients know who I am.

Recently, I filled in for another CNA so I was unfamiliar with the neighborhood.  My GPS sent me on top of a hill, the readout said “arrived,” but there was no house.  I called the patient’s number and her daughter was very nice and gave me directions. Still, I was very worried because I was late and I felt like I was not providing legendary care.

When I arrived to the patient’s home, her daughter was waiting for me with a big smile.  She made my day. I didn’t want her to be upset because I was late.  I introduced myself, wiped my feet outside the door, and left all of my worries outside.  Her mother said, “Hi” with the most beautiful smile. I knelt down, introduced myself, told her why I was there, and asked what I could do for her today. She wanted a shower.  I gave her time so she felt comfortable with me and after her shower I visited with her and her daughter.  I felt so grateful, feeling like I made a difference in someone’s life.  That’s why I love my job and I love taking care of people.  I like to think, “this person could be my mother, father, sister, brother, son, or daughter. How would I like them to be treated?”  That’s why it’s very important for me to make sure that I provide dignity, respect, comfort, and excellent care every day, every time.

In closing, I encourage everyone reading this to hug your loved ones and let them know how much you love them. You never know if it will be the last time.

Consuelo V., CHPNA


Fruitland Hospice Volunteer of the Month

We are happy to report that Ella, an excellent Volunteer for Heart ‘n Home in Fruitland, Idaho has been chosen as the Hospice Volunteer of the Month for March 2012!  Ella has been volunteering since July of 2010 and she currently visits three patients.  She can be found doing everything from providing companionship to running errands to rolling hair in curlers for her Fruitland neighbors.  Ella notes she especially likes sharing in the stories and the experiences of the people she visits.  She states she gets to “meet interesting people” and she likes helping others, doing even little things for them.

Ella first came to know Heart ‘n Home because they cared for her husband approximately six years ago.  She notes that there were not as many Volunteers in the beginning and thinks it is wonderful to see that there is more help now for patients and families.  She began volunteering because she had first cared for her mother, followed by her neighbor.  After that, she figured she could help others just as easily.

Ella enjoys spending time with her family; she has five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren who visit from out of state when they are able.  Ella also enjoys reading just about anything and, once she is finished, she enjoys sharing books with others by passing them along.  She also states she, “always enjoys visiting with others.”  Ella likes to stay busy. She worked for the Payette, Idaho schools for 36 years and now looks forward to giving her time to volunteering.

With a cheery disposition and smile always on her face, Ella is a wonderful Fruitland Hospice Volunteer for Heart ‘n Home.  She willingly gives in various ways to multiple people and her dedication to volunteering is admirable.  Thank you, Ella!  We appreciate you!

A Gift of Hospice

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Hospice taught me to be the daughter my mom needed when it was time for her to travel her end-of-life journey.  Two years ago I was at a hospice conference when I received a call from my brother who called to say my mom was being rushed to the hospital for chest pain.  As the updates were being sent to me, I knew I had to get home quickly.   Her heart was tired and her kidneys didn’t want to work.

When I arrived to the hospital she was in ICU at the hospital where I started my career.  The doctors were hopeful, but my brother who is a fireman/paramedic, and I knew what those numbers really meant.  We went home to allow our mom to rest.  Early the next morning the phone rang and we were rushing to the hospital; mom’s heart had stopped and they had to put her on life support.

After several conversations with her providers and one yelling match with a cardiac surgeon about what her lab results and heart studies actually meant, we all agreed that taking her off of life support was what she would want.  The nursing supervisor came in and asked if we wanted our mom’s monitors turned off.  We said “No,” but we did want the alarms turned to silence.  The respiratory therapist came in after the ICU nurse gave her a small dose of morphine to remove her ventilator tube.  My brother was on one side of her holding her hand. My cousin and I were on the other side.  I kissed her forehead, looked at the monitor and noticed the numbers were dropping.  I spotted the nurse leaving the room and my mom’s doctor was quickly at her bedside.  I held her hand while kneeling to the floor and was ready to whisper in her ear.  Thinking to myself, “What do I tell my patients’ families and friends to say to make an end-of-life journey be peaceful?”  I squeezed her hand and softly said, “Mama, I love you.  It is a time for you to be with daddy now.  You will no longer have a broken heart, we know you miss him dearly.  We will be strong and make you proud.  I will make sure Gary is safe and taken care of.”   Oh the beautiful glow on her face will be something I will never forget.  She smiled.  I looked at my brother and cousin saying, “She sees dad, grandma, grandma, and aunt Connie!”  We all told her to go be with her angels.  Her face became very peaceful, her body relaxed.  I whispered, “Mom send me ONE and I mean just ONE ant so I know you are safe and happy.”  My brother and cousin giggled.  The monitor no longer showed activity.  I looked at her doctor and asked, “Did you think she would go so fast?” The doctor hugged me and said, “What a beautiful gift you gave her.  Peace, comfort, and love.  You clearly made the right decision, never second guess your choice.”  That will always be the seven most amazing minutes I spent with my mom.  I never felt closer to her or more love for her.  As we were leaving her room, the respiratory therapist came and tapped me on the shoulder.  He gave us his condolences and asked if I was the daughter that was a Nurse.  I smiled and said, “Yes.”  He said, “I just wanted to let you know your mom was so proud of you.  She talked about you at almost every one of our visits.”  I nodded with tears in my eyes … I needed to hear that message.

I have traveled many journeys in my nursing career, but my hospice path has affected my personal life the most.  I have learned so much about nursing and living by being a Hospice Nurse.  Working for Heart ‘n Home has not only been a gift for me, but a gift to my mom when it was time for her to take her end-of-life journey.  Hospice is an amazing gift.

For those that may be wondering, yes that ONE ant appeared about five hours after my mom earned her angel wings.  And during special times or bumps in the road of life, that ONE ant appears.

Hospice-Nurse-in-OregonDiana Hergenrader, RN
La Pine Executive Director

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