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Life is Beautiful and I’m Beautiful

One of my first patients had a saying for each time I came into her house and asked how she had been that week. She would say, “Life is beautiful and I’m beautiful.” This lady was mostly blind, she could hardly move around, and she could hardly hear. She knew her time was limited, yet she choose to not let her circumstances define how she was going to feel. She chose joy, and she taught me so much about how our attitude affects all aspects of our life.

I think of the people who I get to see everyday, those that need validation or just a friendly smile. The ones who have loss of meaning and need to process the things they are feeling with a listening ear.  Our amazing dementia patients who light up with musical interaction, and find connection they haven’t felt in years, because of the song they heard. The ones who are lonely and feel all alone in the world, we get to be there for them to help them not feel isolated from the world. The ones who are religious, but can no longer attend church, who can’t read from their Bible due to loss of sight, they feel a great loss. But we get to bring that religious ritual, scripture reading, prayer, or hymns they need right to them. To see the burden lifted off ones shoulder after sharing a story from their past that has weighed them down for so long. Hearing someone say, “You are the only one I have ever really shared this with and I now realize how much I needed it.” To help someone process their need for forgiveness or to seek forgiveness, what an honor and the peace it brings them. The list could go on, but the bottom line is hospice is a gift for the patient, their family, and each of us that get to be a part of this amazing journey.

Malerie L.
Spiritual Care Provider
Heart ‘n Home Hospice & Palliative Care, LLC

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