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Stay Home and Out of the Hospital for the Holidays

As the holidays approach our thoughts turn to family dinners, exchanging gifts, and cozy nights at home.  But, what if you have a terminal or other serious illness? It can be difficult to focus on that quality family time when you are dealing with treatments, appointments, and frequent trips to the ER.  Americans don’t want to spend their holidays in the hospital and away from those that they love, especially not right now with COVID-19.

Instead of going to multiple doctor’s appointments, or worse yet, ending up in the emergency room, we have another option. One that will keep you comfortable and in your own home. That option is hospice.

Hospice focuses on compassionate, person-centered care, which is brought to you wherever you live. Care that helps address all of your needs, physically and emotionally. We bring care to your home as you need it, and how YOU want it. We also offer telehealth visits right now due to COVID and limiting contact, should you choose to take advantage of it. Heart ‘n Home can be an extension of care alongside your primary physician, providing support and bring healthcare to your home. You can call us 24/7 with any medication needs or concerns of any kind. We will keep in close contact with your physician as needs arise and we also have a hospice physician on staff.

Let Heart ‘n Home bring hospice home for the holidays, wherever “home” may be, including assisted living facilities or a nursing home. Our Nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our Personal Care Assistants can assist with bathing and other personal care. We will educate families and professional caregivers in caring for the seriously-ill individual. This can help reduce stress during a very busy time. We also have Care Navigators (social workers) and Spiritual & Grief Counselors to help with end of life planning and help deal with grief.

It’s not something that we like to think about but when asked, eighty percent of Americans have said their wish is to die at home. Heart ‘n Home can help honor this wish. The services provided by hospice are what Americans report they want; yet 83 percent of them don’t know about hospice. That is why it’s our mission to educate on the benefits of hospice.

At Heart ‘n Home we focus on living, not dying. We focus on compassionate, person-centered care, which enables special moments and memories at the end of life for patients and loved ones. By contacting hospice as early as possible, patients and families are able to receive hospice care for a period long enough to take full advantage of the many services offered by the hospice team that are included in your Medicare Hospice Benefit! Heart ’n Home affirms life and supports more meaningful experiences.

The Heart ‘n Home team provides superior, trusted care that you can count on:

• Heart ‘n Home Team Support
• 24/7 On-call Nursing Services
• Pain & Symptom Relief
• Education & Relief for Caregivers
• Pre-Bereavement Planning
• Hospice Physician Support
• Emotional & Spiritual Support
• Grief & Loss Support
• Bathing, shaving, changing clothes
• Light House Keeping
• Veteran-Centered Services
• Volunteers for Companionship

If you or someone that you love may benefit from the gift of hospice, please give us a call at 1-800-HOSPICE. We can go see them in person or via telehealth at no charge and help them determine if they would benefit from hospice care.




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