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Lack of Motivation: Setting Goals While Grieving

Setting goals is as important after one has experienced a significant loss as in any time of life. A common symptom of grief people report is a lack of motivation. Setting small, short-range goals can be key during this time. Short-range goals can sometimes be small steps toward attaining a bigger goal. Dreaming about and planning for long-range goals can give one hope and something to look forward to. Consider setting both a short-range and a long-range goal. Goals should feel attainable and realistic. Share your goals with someone who can encourage you to achieve them and be supportive of you. Ask your support person to follow up with you every few weeks to help keep you accountable. When you achieve one goal, set another manageable goal and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment of something big or small.

Short-Range Goal

  • Write a letter to your children regarding what has been helpful to you during this time and what you’d like to see or do more of.
  • Frame a special picture to display.
  • Clean out his or her side of the closet or room.
  • Donate to a cause in your loved one’s name.
  • Call a friend and ask to meet them for coffee or lunch.
  • Research costs and information involved in taking a class, making a lasting memorial, or going on a trip.

Long-Range Goal

  • Volunteer weekly at a local school or organization. Learn more about Volunteering at Heart ‘n Home.
  • See doctors for all of your medical needs (e.g., eye, foot, other specialists).
  • Organize and delegate tasks for a family reunion or get together.
  • Join and attend a Bible study group, library book club, gardening club, etc.
  • Take a computer, music, or foreign language class.
  • Arrange a family meeting to discuss your desire to create a lasting memorial (e.g., bench, tree, shadow box).
  • Take a trip to visit loved ones or plan a vacation.


Short-range goal:                                                      Support person: ___________________________




Long-range goal:                                                      Support person: ___________________________



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