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Each of our offices has a “Patient Chair” present. This is where decisions are made and we reflect that every decision we make has a feeling effect, which needs to be positive.

At Heart ‘n Home, we believe everyone deserves to have quality hospice care. It doesn’t matter your race, social status, economic situation, or place of residence. You deserve quality hospice care. The following is a story of how our staff made sure to put our patient first. At Heart ‘n Home, we try to put ourselves in the “patient chair” and offer the care we would want if we were in that seat.

A Story From the Patient Chair

One day we received a call from the hospital that a patient needed hospice services. The hospital social worker explained to our staff that this particular patient had previously had complicated issues with the law and had spent some time in prison for his crimes.  The social worker gave us a long list of offenses. He was well known in our area for the things he had done, but this person needed us, so we headed out to help.

We went to his home, prepared to be kicked out of his house — he trusted no one!  Our Nurse, David, met with Jim (both names changed for privacy) and admitted him to hospice.  At our next team meeting, we discussed this patient and his needs.  We had so many concerns, worries, and thoughts. The “what if” list was long and concerning, but each time we discussed his case, we focused on him, the patient, and set our judgments aside. As we got to know him we loved his spirit, gruffness, and sense of humor. 

Jim was told he had a few weeks to live.  Those couple of weeks turned into months and then a year.  We no longer feared him.  After almost a year he started swiftly declining.  Jim thought of our team as family and trusted them 110%.  Jim told our team about his broken relationship with his son. With our help, Jim was able to re-build this relationship. 

In the last few weeks of Jim’s life, the phone calls from him became more frequent. He was needing more help. Sometimes we could hear the fear in his voice, but he would relax once he knew Heart ‘n Home was on the way. As Jim further declined, we suggested his son come to visit once more. We knew we would be losing Jim soon. Then the call came that Jim had passed and our Nurse rushed to go be with the son.

This is an example of how our patient chair and always serving others from that perspective makes a difference in our care. From the patient chair, we were able to serve from a place of compassion, understanding, and empathy.  We put ourselves in Jim’s “chair” and worked with him on his end-of-life journey – not our wants, but his.  He was able to die peacefully, loved, and accepted.  Yes, Jim had made some bad choices and most likely did some pretty bad things, but to us, he was just Jim.  He taught us to be better, professionally and personally. 

Hospice is a Gift

We feel blessed to be able to provide it. At Heart ‘n Home, we truly feel it is an honor to be invited into your homes during one of the most difficult times in your life. We believe that everyone deserves personalized, compassionate care like our staff gave to Jim.  If you or a loved one has a life-limiting illness and could benefit from hospice services, contact us today and we can meet with you in person to discuss your needs. 



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