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Introducing H20: A Consistent Care Experience Without Exceptions!

Voltaire, the European philosopher who is widely regarded as one of the greatest minds this world has ever seen once said, “To have doubt is an uncomfortable condition, but to be certain is absurd.”  Pride and complacency can and will wreak havoc on any organization, as well as any person.  In May of last year, Todd and I took a hard look at our organization, where it was, where it is now, and where we wanted it to go.  Introspection can be hard, but when done with the intent to improve or make better, it is a liberating exercise.  Through this process, we found many opportunities to improve upon what we as an organization was already doing.

Over this past year, Heart ‘n Home has really done some extensive remodeling inside and out!  It has been terrifying, exhausting, exhilarating, and rewarding all at the same time.  It has been a complete team effort, no one at Heart ‘n Home was/is exempt from feeling those emotions at one time or another.  Change is hard, but necessary for those individuals and organizations who wish to grow and improve.

So, what’s changed?  The biggest change has been the incorporation of Heart ‘n Home 2.0 and its five standards or better known as H20 (Heart ‘n Home 2.0, which means that these standards will evolve and change over time as we as an organization will identify better and more effective ways of doing things, for example, Heart ‘n Home 2.1, 2.2,.2.3, etc.). These standards are the backbone or foundation of Heart ‘n Home.  Our definition of a standard is this; a vow or a promise to do something.  So, with that in mind, we as a Leadership team wanted to set five standards that we, as an organization could confidently stand behind.

Each of our standards has accountability and quality elements attached to them.  Everyone at Heart ‘n Home is held accountable to all of the standards.  Accountability is a necessary part of the integrity of our standards, without accountability the standards become goals, hopeful measures that we may or may not achieve.

How did we come up with these standards?  Every standard should meet these three attributes to constitute as a true standard.  Standards need to be clear, impressive, and sustainable.  Clear standards are so important to those that are held accountable to them.  No one wants to be accountable to ambiguous standards.  For a standard to be impressive it must have characteristics that attract the best and brightest individuals that want to have an opportunity to reach their full potential.  Sustainability is another important factor.  A standard must be able to stand the test of time, it must be something that everyone at Heart ‘n Home can do every day, every time!

Lastly, for Heart ‘n Home to be successful within H20 it is imperative that we all work to become master teachers at Heart ‘n Home!  Teaching is the primary role of everyone here, it’s a requirement.  We’ve made teaching a critical part of the hiring process, if someone is unable or unwilling to teach, they can’t work here.  In hospice, we might only have one chance to get it right and our best chance of making that happen is to have the best hospice teachers in the business, which we are confident that we do.  Everything we do, all our standards, the drive to be master teachers, are all done with the singlemindedness of making our patients and their families FEEL confident and competent with the cares they are receiving and/or doing for their loved ones.  All of us at Heart ‘n Home are grateful and humbled by the many opportunities that our communities have given us to be your hospice of choice!  Thank you!

Kris Stice,
Co-President of Heart ‘n Home




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