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How To Honor Your CNAs: Ceremonial Hand Washing

Heart ‘n Home provides personal care services while always preserving the dignity and privacy of patients. Hospice CNA provide in-home visits that are often the high point in a patient’s day.  This June we decided to shake things up here at Heart ‘n Home Fruitland office by doing a ceremonial hand washing for our CNAs.  It started off by an educational focus on the meaning of touch for our hospice patients. Followed by a prayer that was read and a blessing over the CNAs hands.  Our very own, Irene Haney, RN, BSN, Executive Director of the Fruitland office wrote this poem (which was also read to the CNAs) after she had seen the amazing things that our Hospice CNAs were doing.


Your hands open the doors to the homes of the patients we serve and bring the touch of relief to tired and weary souls who welcome the care you bring.

Your hands bring the relief that is needed to bodies too tired to provide for themselves.                     

Your hands are strong when giving support to bodies too frail to stand alone.

Your hands are gentle when brushing hair that will not meet that brush until you return again.

Your hands bring joy to the ladies who see the memory of their hands of earlier years when you care for them with nail polish and manicures.

Your hands bring the smile back to the face of an elderly man who sees a clean shaven face in the mirror, after your care, with remembering of the time when a handsome young man was the reflection in that mirror.

Your hands with concern for dignity help an older woman feel lovely when she is helped from an old and faded nightgown and into that perfect dress that makes her feel pride in herself again.

Your hands bring to our patients a soothing comfort from bathing that refreshes the body, soothes the soul and validates their worth.

Your hands hold hands that are feeble, weak, and lonely and by doing so bring humanity to humanity.

Your hands wipe the tears from faces that suffer from pain of body and spirit but are comforted with that gentle caring.

Your hands support the hands of nurses, social workers, and spiritual care providers by providing them with your wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that only comes from the touch you own and bring.

The touch-of- your-hands is not replaceable. Your hands are the force of intimate caring that blesses the patient every time and every day you enter through their doors.

Our Savior taught us the importance of the principle of service when he washed the feet of the weary travelers. He created you for us to be privileged to witness that principle in action within the lives of those you serve in hospice care.

Please accept our sincere and heartfelt thanks for your hands of caring compassion and devotion to our staff and to our patients and to the families that love them.  May our God and the holy angels attend you as you travel your amazing journey as the team who owns the title as the best. We love you from the Fruitland staff of Heart and Home.

~ Irene Haney, RN, Executive Director

Heart ‘n Home Fruitland Office



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