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How Heart ‘n Home Blessed the Lives of My Loved Ones

Remarkable, notable, glorious and mythical are synonyms that help describe the legendary service my family recently experienced.

My mother and father-in-law moved from Montana to live with us in April of this year.  They were independent and able to go to the grocery store, cook, clean up, quilt, do laundry and read.  A couple of months after they arrived I noticed changes and I asked Diana, the Executive Director of La Pine Heart ‘n Home, to visit with them to find out if they qualified for hospice. This is where the legendary service began.

Diana sat down face to face with them and put their minds at ease. She explained how their insurance would cover everything and there would be no direct payment from them. The hospice care would include all the visits by staff, my in-laws wouldn’t have to drive to doctor’s visits, and they would even get a notebook with helpful information and photos of staff. Both of my in-laws were admitted to hospice. Once they were admitted, the visits from staff were very much appreciated since they did not know anyone in this community.  After each “angel” finished their visit my father-in-law would study their photos and try to memorize everyone’s name.

My father-in-law kept asking what he could do for these people that came to the house and showed so much love.  He wrote up a Google review at 88 years old.  It was a heartfelt expression of gratitude that he had for the Heart ‘n Home team.

On 4th of July weekend, my father-in-law had a heart attack.  After 5 days of laying in bed on oxygen, he got up and willed himself to live a little longer. We had never seen this man so happy.  He got to help around our place doing plumbing, planting and digging. He had many good weeks doing all the things that he loved.

In August I went home to check on them.  Nurse Billy was there visiting when my father-in-law said, “I might be weak and stiff, but I have no pain.” As I left the house my father-in-law told me “don’t worry about anything, everything is good.”  Thirty minutes later Diana called to tell me my father-in-law had passed away.

The nurses came right away.  They cried with us, laughed with us, and stayed until after the funeral home took him.  It is a blessing that he got to spend the last and the happiest days of his life with Heart ‘n Home.

My sweet mother-in-law continued on hospice until she just recently joined her husband.  I don’t know what we would have done without Heart ‘n Home.  My mother-in-law absolutely loved and trusted the staff. They filled her heart with love. Taking care of my mother-in-law at the end of her life was emotional but we know she is released from her body and happy now.

Thank you, Heart ‘n Home staff, for your legendary service. The entire family is grateful to Heart ‘n Home and we want other people to understand the many benefits of hospice.  All the siblings and grandchildren met the Heart ‘n Home staff and sat in on visits.  They were amazed at the care and love the staff showed.  They all had peace knowing their loved one was not only cared for but loved.

Theresa Hane

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