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Hospice to me is…

From the very beginning of our life there has been someone to care for us.  As we grow and are taught the many lessons of love and caring for others, it cements in our mind the goodness and feeling of satisfaction that is achieved through our actions.  As one’s days become numbered and the body declines to the point of needing necessary aide to maintain one’s dignity, it’s wonderful to know there is an organization in the community that is available to assist individuals with such needs and to also see them through to the end of life.

I’ve had the privilege to care for an individual that was in need of such assistance.  His ability to do such simple things like shave, shower, brush teeth and dress were becoming harder and harder to do.  A very proud individual in his younger years afforded him the ability to do all those things for himself.  As his health declined, so did his ability to care for himself. Though he didn’t always say a lot, you could tell in his eyes he was grateful and appreciative for the assistance.  Some days are better than others.  Each day that passes his fragility becomes more apparent.  I know the day for his departure draws ever so closer, which in turn encourages me to be ever so thankful and humble for the privilege of taking care of him.  Life is a lesson of lessons, to surround your self and those around you with love, compassion, and encouragement.

I’m very thankful for my life, the people in my life, and the precious gifts God has given me.

pportunity to help others.
eeking comfort for those in need.
rivilege to care for the infirm.
nvolving oneself has endless rewards.
aring from the heart.
ach individual deserves to be comfortable.

~ Heart ‘n Home Hospice Aide

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