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Hospice Social Workers Are Essential

Every March, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) issues a campaign to recognize the work of the more than 700,000 professional social workers in this country. The 2021 campaign theme is reflective of this past year’s journey through a pandemic: “Social Workers Are Essential.”

Central to the social work profession is the knowledge and skills of working with people in their environment to effect positive change. The past year has brought unimaginable changes to the environments we work within. However, social workers have continued to work to support the goals of those in need, and that certainly has been the case at Heart ‘n Home. We pause to consider the incredible skill and professionalism within each of our Care Navigators (Social Workers) this month. Their resilience and determination to continue serving patients and families in some of the most difficult circumstances are incredible. All while also navigating the same “storm” themselves.

At Heart ‘n Home our Care Navigators (Social Workers) offer a wide variety of support to our patients and their families. Our Care Navigators are skilled at holding space for patients and families to express feelings and concerns during the end-of-life journey. Care Navigators validate, empower, and guide a newly bereaved person as they rebuild and reshape meaning in life. Care Navigators hold a wealth of knowledge about community programs and link those in need to appropriate resources through education. Care Navigators honor a Veteran patient’s military service by coordinating a Veteran pinning ceremony, and this may be the first time the Veteran has ever received thanks for their service. Care Navigators often assist patients and families with activities that create lasting memories and enduring connections, even when their loved one is no longer physically present.

As Director of Medical Social Services, I have the privilege of working with our Care Navigators across all Heart ‘n Home locations.  This provides frequent opportunities to hear and see the powerful difference each provider makes in their communities by supporting our patients and families, and it is important to share just a portion of the care and compassion they are spreading in the world. Over the last year, whether through distance, phone lines, PPE, or virtual, Care Navigators have continued doing the incredible work they are trained to do amidst the pandemic. Here are some examples of the unique ways our Care Navigators help our patients.

Heart ‘n Home Care Navigators are experts at seeing the patient and families as unique individuals with their own strengths and abilities. They creatively find ways to customize care to your needs. Care Navigators are resilient, compassionate, creative, and I am so honored every day I come to work alongside each and every one of the amazing Heart ‘n Home Care Navigators!

If you or a loved one has a life-limiting illness and they may benefit from hospice care.  Call us today!  Even if you aren’t quite ready for hospice, we have a C.A.R.E. Program that will help you find useful resources. Call 1-208-452-2663 or click here to send us a quick message.  Help is just a phone call away!


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