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Military Honors and Memorial Benefits

A variety of burial and memorial benefits are available to Veterans and their dependents, based on eligibility. Eligibility for interment in the Idaho State Veteran’s Cemetery mirrors National Veterans Cemetery eligibility requirements. Being an Idaho resident is not a requirement.
Interment fees for eligible Veterans will be paid by the Department of Veteran Affairs; however, funeral expenses and preparation are not included and are incurred by the Veteran’s family or estate.
Pre-registration is available. There is no cost for pre-registration and it does not obligate the Veteran to be interred at the cemetery. Heart ‘n Home can connect you with your local VSO representative or you may call the VA information service hotline at 1-800-827-1000 or visit

Headstones or Markers

Burial in a national cemetery is available to Veterans, their spouses, and dependent children at no cost to the family. A national cemetery burial includes:
  • The gravesite and grave-liner
  • Opening and closing the grave
  • A headstone or marker
  • Perpetual care as part of a national shrine
For private cemetery burials, anywhere in the world, the VA will provide a headstone or marker at no expense. VA Form 40-1330, Application for Standard Government Headstone or Marker and military discharge documents must be submitted by the next of kin or a representative such as the funeral director, cemetery official, o r Veterans Counselor (do not send original documents, as they will not be returned). There is no charge for the headstone or market itself; however, arrangements for placing it in a private cemetery are the applicant’s responsibility and all setting fees are at private expense. Spouses and dependents are not eligible for a government-furnished headstone or marker unless they are buried in a national cemetery, state Veteran’s cemetery, or military post / base cemetery.
General information about Headstones, Markers, and Medallions

Burial Flags

Veterans’ families can apply for a burial flag provided at no cost. Generally, the flag is given to the next-of-kin as a keepsake after its use during the funeral. Flags may be obtained from the U.S. Post Office with a completed application for United States Flag for burial purposes with proof of military service and a death certificate.
Your funeral home can also help with obtaining a burial flag to allow your loved one to be removed from the residence honorably under the American flag. If this is desired, a Heart ‘n Home Social Worker will work closely with the selected funeral home in order to ensure a flag is available.
General information about Burial Flags

Presidential Memorial Certificates (PMCs)

A Presidential Memorial Certificate is a gold embossed paper certificate inscribed with the Veteran’s name that bears the U.S. President’s signature. It honors the memory of honorably discharged Veterans. In order to receive this certificate, a copy of the deceased’s military discharge document along with the death certificate must be provided with the request VA form 40-0247 application. Heart ‘n Home Social Workers have these forms and help families who would like these for their loved one.
General information about Presidential Memorial Certificates

Military Funeral Honors

Arrangements for honors are made by the funeral home or cemetery. Often a 48-hour notice is needed to organize the funeral honors detail.
Who is eligible for Military Funeral Honors?
  • Military members on active duty or in the Selected Reserve.
  • Former military members who served on active duty and departed under conditions other than dishonorable.
  • Former military members who completed at least one term of enlistment or period of initial obligated service in the Selected Reserve and departed under conditions other than dishonorable.
  • Former military members discharge from the Selected Reserve due to a disability incurred or aggravated in the line of duty.
Military Honors Services Eligible Veterans Can Expect:
  • Flag Folding
  • Flag Presentation
  • Playing of Taps
General information about Military Funeral Honors