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Honoring Veterans Through Hospice

Each May, we take time to recognize the sacrifices that so many military men and women have made on our behalf. This month we have had the opportunity to celebrate National Military Appreciation Month, Loyalty Day, Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Armed Forces Day, and now Memorial Day. We remember those who have made sacrifices in order to protect the freedoms that we have. We honor each Veteran whether they served over 40 years ago or 4 months ago. These individuals deserve our thanks and gratitude.

At Heart ‘n Home we have the pleasure of working with older Veterans.  Many of whom returned home at a time when people felt military service was unnecessary and/or dishonorable. They were not properly thanked for the sacrifices they, and their families, made and often times they have unseen wounds from their service. We feel it is an honor to recognize every Veteran.  Whether they served for a short period, or for many years. Whether they were on the front lines or they never saw a battle. Whether they enlisted or they were drafted. Each Veteran’s service deserves to be honored no matter how big or small they feel it was, and it’s our pleasure to do so.

Stephanie L., LSW, one of Heart ‘n Home Care Navigators shares this story, “I was getting acquainted with a new patient and when I asked about his military experience, he got angry and refuse to talk about it. After building a relationship of trust, I tried to approach it again to explore the anger related to his experience. Once again, he was angry and hesitant to talk about it but with validation he opened up. At the end of the conversation he was in tears knowing that someone truly appreciated his time in the Army Reserve during the Vietnam war. He reported all this time he felt he was a nobody because he was “just in the reserve.” He felt he finally had “closure” after being able to talk about his feelings of serving during the Vietnam war.”

A few ways that Heart ‘n Home honors Veterans is by holding Pinning Ceremonies, Veteran Cafes, and by helping our Veteran patients receive Veteran burial benefits. Just as each person is unique, each Veteran’s service is unique.  Our staff understands this and has been trained to address any concerns that may arise. We understand the impact that a Veteran’s service may have on their end of life journey and we have created specialized services specifically for Veterans. We are able to address each needs as it arises, so that the Veteran can have the most peaceful passing possible.

If you or a loved one has a life-limiting illness and may benefit from hospice services, please contact us today for a free in-home visit to see if hospice is right for you.

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