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Heart ‘n Home Celebrates 16 Years of Hospice Service

In 2004, an idea was born to create a hospice agency unlike any other.  A hospice where the patient and their family are the main focus and where the patient can decide how their care is given. A hospice where everything the staff does is in an effort to create an atmosphere of comfort and peace.

Heart 'n Home

Heart ‘n Home Training Center Built in 2007

This was the beginning of Heart ‘n Home Hospice in March of 2004.

Since that day, 16 years ago, Heart ‘n Home has grown to nine offices which serve many areas of Idaho and Oregon. Kristopher and Todd Stice are Co-Owners of Heart ‘n Home and they continue to lead the company today.  Kristopher explains, “We are focused on the visit and making that experience, that end of life experience, second to none. When hospice is done right.  When they’re comfortable. When they’re in their home.  When they have their loved ones around them.  There is nothing more peaceful than that transition. That’s what we love to do. We love to make that transition, a transition that we’re all going to have, as peaceful and as comfortable as possible.”

Heart ‘n Home leaders continue to research and put into place the best-known practices.  As we believe there is always room for growth and improvement. “The past 16 years have taught us a lot about how to do things the right way. We have tried to be humble through the learning process. Even though we have seen a lot of success these past many years I truly feel like we are only getting started. That is the beauty of our Mission and Vision Statements – They can’t really ever been marked “complete” – Affirming lives and becoming the school of hospice will be our endless pursuit.”  Adam Stice, Senior VP of Human Resources and Volunteers explains.

The focus of Heart ‘n Home has always been people, both our staff and the people we serve.  Treating people with respect and dignity is our mindset and our goal.  Read, what some of our employees have to say:

Heart ‘n Home is honored to be a part of our communities for the last 16 years and honored that our patients and families have allowed us into their lives. If you or a loved one is facing a life-limiting condition and you wonder if hospice can be a help to you and your family, contact us today for a free in-home visit where we can discuss your needs. All of us at Heart ‘n Home look forward to serving you for the next 16 years and beyond.



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