Heart 'n Home Celebrates 13 Years of Service! - Heart 'n Home Hospice & Palliative Care, LLC

Heart ‘n Home Celebrates 13 Years of Service!

March 15th marks 13 years of service to our community and thousands of moments made possible because of hospice. The reason behind opening Heart ’n Home was simple. Cindy Lee, Kristopher Stice, and Todd Stice saw a need for additional end-of-life resources in Idaho and Oregon. Heart ‘n Home opened its doors in Fruitland, Idaho in March 2004, serving our first patient just one month later in April. By 2006, Heart ‘n Home had opened four locations and started a non-profit 501(c)3 foundation. Today, Heart ‘n Home has nine locations, one being solely utilized as the Training Center.

While the healthcare industry is ever-changing, one thing has remained the same at Heart ‘n Home: our mission of affirming the lives of our patients and  those who love and care for them.  In 2004, Heart ‘n Home started with just a handful of employees, and today we employ nearly 200 employees! Thank you for being a part of our story thus far. We are looking forward to sharing the next 13!

If you are interested in a career with Heart ‘n Home, view our job openings today!

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