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Getting Help from Hospice

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Anyone can contact Heart 'n Home to refer someone to hospice services or request information. The earlier a person is referred, the more Heart 'n Home can do to help. Sadly, many people believe that hospice is unavailable or inappropriate until literally, the last days of a person's life. Through hospice, patients can enjoy a better quality of life. Obtaining all appropriate information about Heart 'n Home will help patients and families understand the role of hospice, should their services be elected. Heart 'n Home staff will contact the prospective patient's doctor to determine the medial appropriateness for hospice services. Federal law requires that the physician estimate a life expectancy of six months or less, assuming the disease runs its normal course, to receive care. Often, the doctor or the hospice discharge planner will contact Heart 'n Home after they have discussed the hospice option with the patient and family. A patient will begin hospice services once the consent form electing hospice has been signed.

The Hospice Admission Process

  • Anyone in the community is welcome to a no obligation, in-home visit with a Heart 'n Home Program Representative to explain hospice services, determine patient needs, and discuss patient and family goals.
  • With the patient's consent, Heart 'n Home will contact the physician to ensure that he or she agrees that hospice care is appropriate.
  • Consent Forms are then signed that choose hospice services (similar to forms signed when entering a hospital) and outlines the services available to the patient and family. The consent states that the patient understands hospice care is aimed at pain relief and symptom control, rather than being a curative treatment.
  • Once the patient's physician has determined hospice is appropriate, a Heart 'n Home Nurse will make an appointment to visit the patient and family and establish a plan for the patient's care.
  • Below is suggested information to have available for initial visit with the Heart 'n Home Nurse:
    • Medication Information
    • Insurance Cards and Medicare and/or Medicaid Cards
    • Contact Information for Those Involved in Care
    • Advance Directives (i.e. Durable Power of Attorney, Power of Attorney, Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNR), etc.)
    • Medical Equipment

Thank you for your trust in Heart 'n Home!