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Employee Appreciation Day at Heart ‘n Home!

Heart ‘n Home values our employees! Yearly, each office throws a party for all its employees just to celebrate hard work and achievements! Below are employees’ quotes about each day!

“Baker City optimistically scheduled to have our Employee Appreciation Day luncheon on the patio of Sunridge Inn on Wednesday, June 9.  High wind gusts, black skies, and tornado warnings in a neighboring county prompted a quick plan B. We enjoyed our lunch, courtesy of Heart ‘n Home, in the privacy of the Sunridge Library Room. Our waitress was the sister of one of our patients who had recently passed away. She expressed her gratitude for our services. It was nice to visit with one another in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere, free of phones (thanks to Katia) and computers. We appreciate the appreciation.”

– Michelle, Office Manager (Baker City)

“Caldwell’s office had a fantastic breakfast made especially for us from Minda. She made breakfast casserole with asparagus, and our crew is a big one!  Absolutely divine…with all the sides.  Thank you to Heart ‘n Home, the Corporate Team, and Minda.  It was a great morning to get together and be together!”

– Windy, Office Manager (Caldwell)

Emmett’s office decided to go bowling for our Employee Appreciation Day at the newly re-opened “KT’s Lanes.”  There was much talk before hand of history and skill, some with bowling leagues and others with bumper pads or Wii.  Our dear Chaplain, Garrett, came prepared with his own shoes, hand brace, ball, turtle wax, and bag full of “skills” but soon found that he was outnumbered once again.  We shared many laughs, a few digs, and cheered each other on.  We spent time with Tami who has been on maternity leave and met the newest little bundle of joy to the Emmett Office, her son Elias.  Afterwards we enjoyed a BBQ potluck dinner hosted by Doug and Nichole Hunsaker.

– Katia, Office Manager (Emmett)

“Fruitland’s Appreciation Day was a blast! Donita Dalton did a fantastic job planning it too! We ate Italian food until we were full to the gills! It’s just great to have everyone together to socialize and kick back, while doing our favorite thing…talking and eating!”

– Kandice, Administrative & Outreach Assistant (Fruitland)

“Meridian had a great time with the “summer backyard party” theme.  We made ice-cream sundaes while we played bingo.  Each game was played a little differently with playful competition to win an assortment of prizes.  It was a good time to relax and enjoy each other’s company and to remember how lucky we are to be part of such a wonderful company!”

– Tanya, Office Manager (Meridian)

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