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Emmett Volunteer Coordinator – Lois Russell

Volunteer Coordinator: Lois Russell
Emmett, Idaho


Lois Russell,
Emmett Volunteer Coordinator

Who inspires you?  My dad was always my biggest inspiration. He had more faith in me than I did. He insisted I could do anything I wanted to do in life. He instilled in me a healthy work ethic. He was always involved in our community, as chairman of the school board and fair board, as well as serving as County Commissioner. He taught me that family and community sometimes are the same and that everyone needs help at one time or another. I lost him in 2010 to cancer, thankfully with help from Heart ‘n Home. He still inspires me to be the best person I can be and to be there for my family and my community.

What’s the last book you read? Medicine Men, Extreme Appalachian Doctoring by Carolyn Jourdan. It’s a hilarious book of true stories about an older Veterinarian in the Appalachian Mountains, who does things the old-fashioned way. He becomes ill and his sophisticated daughter takes leave as a high-tech Veterinarian in the city to go down and help her father. She quickly remembers why she left in the first place and why she followed her fathers’ footsteps. It’s funny and heartwarming.

What are you passionate about?  I am very passionate about caregiving. I have worked as a caregiver along with other roles in healthcare for 30 years. I love helping people with what they need and sharing the beauty of giving without expecting anything in return … so being a part of the Heart ‘n Home team really fills that bucket for me. I have been fortunate to experience the gifts of hospice in many ways. Through my work at a long-term care facility, personally, with my mother’s care at home, and through the death of my father. Most people may not think of death as a beautiful thing, but Heart n’ Home made my father’s death simply peaceful.

What is your favorite movie?  I love An Affair to Remember. Cary Grant (swoon) and Debra Carr make a lovely pair. It’s easy to get caught up in their love and sorrow. I’ve seen it maybe 700 times and I still get goosebumps when he opens that door and sees his painting!

How do you recharge?  I have an incredible adult daughter who is always there for me. She keeps me young, makes me laugh, and holds my secrets. A day with her recharges my batteries. She took me to a Maroon Five concert and it was brilliant. I loved every minute of it! We both love bookstores, libraries, and Chinese food!

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