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Controlling Your Cough: Easier Breathing

Controlling Your Cough: Easier Breathing

Coughing constantly can wear you down, making you short of breath. If you control your coughing with these simple steps, you can help loosen the mucus, bringing it up easier. Controlled coughing is coughing in time with your breathing. Uncontrolled coughing causes airways to close, trapping mucus in your lungs.

Sit in a chair keeping both feet on the floor. Fold your arms across your abdomen and lean forward slightly. Relax. Breathe in slowly through your nose and hold for two counts.

Cough twice as you exhale with your mouth slightly open, gently pushing against your belly. Make coughs short and sharp (first cough brings mucus through the lung airways, second cough spits it out).

Rest a few seconds. Inhale slowly and gently through your nose.  Repeat if you need to.  *Keep a box of tissues near you to collect the mucus you cough up.

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