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Community Support

Heart ‘n Home receives many donation requests and priority is always given to local organizations within the areas we serve and are granted on a first-come, first-serve basis. We believe in a pay-it-forward mentality.  During times of hardship, Heart ‘n Home has offered support and will continue to offer their support to our communities. Our Social Workers have been dispatched to local high schools, emergency rooms, churches, and other community agencies in times of distress and need without any expectation of compensation or recognition. It is integrity and singleness of purpose that drives us to respond freely to the needs of our communities. Our desire is always to affirm life and assist in ensuring healthy communities. Heart ‘n Home consistently acts with truthfulness and purpose to develop and maintain a reputation of excellence in the communities we serve.

Donation Categories:

Community Bereavement and Tragedy Support

A donation form is not required for community bereavement or for tragedies that occur outside of our normally offered Heart ‘n Home bereavement support. Heart ‘n Home believes in helping those in need especially during times of crisis. Please contact any Heart ‘n Home office or call 1-800-HOSPICE for immediate support.

Elderly Development

The elderly in our communities are often underserved and overlooked. This category is designed to provide support and assistance with health development programs, staff development programs, senior citizen programs, Meals on Wheels, etc.

Community Support and Events

Funds allocated for this category are designed to assist the communities we serve in a variety of ways and include, but are not limited to sponsorships and /or support of community events, fundraisers, activities, etc.

Youth Development

Heart ‘n Home is committed to the success of our youth and as a result desires to support athletics, clubs, activities, programs, events, etc. offered both in schools and in the community.