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Community Education

We believe in the power of providing education to patients, families, and the communities we serve. Heart ‘n Home has provided, at no cost, hundreds of educational in-services to physicians, facilities, and other community agencies. Our employees are experts in end-of-life care, pain and symptom management, and a variety of healthcare areas. They are available to present at your meeting times and locations. If you have a special request for a topic not listed, that request can be filled.
The Heart ‘n Home vision emphasizes the value our culture places on education; not only internally, but to our community. As a leader in quality end-of-life care, we have been privileged to present multiple times at local, state, and national levels.

Heart ‘n Home Community Education Topics

Serving Faith-Based Communities

In an effort to continue providing end-of-life education and provide needed resources to congregations, Heart ‘n Home provides short presentations (30 minutes to 1 hour) or individual meetings with religious leaders (15-20 minutes) on hospice services, healthcare resources, and how to become a Hospice Volunteer! Many organizations have found the presentation extremely helpful to their congregates and even comforting, knowing what support is available to their church families.
Heart ‘n Home has presented to nearly all ministries, groups, or boards inside a church, small or large, we are happy to accommodate your needs.


Faith-based organizations are often the cornerstone in our communities. The Beacon of Light Program was created to ensure collaboration with faith-based leaders to ensure end-of-life needs are met. The Beacon of Light Program is an extension of a churches’ ministry, working together to support the people around us.
Apply here if you are interested in becoming a Volunteer.